Three New Maxwell Kindle eBooks

We are excited to share that three more of our books are now available in Kindle format. You don’t have to have a Kindle to be able to read these since you can download the Kindle app on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or other device. See this link for the app.

Sweet JourneyThis is a dynamic, ladies’ Bible study for any Christian wife, mother, or daughter who wants the unmistakeable joy that develops from the sweet journey of a closer walk with the Lord.


Preparing Sons–As I proofed the Kindle book, I was struck by how practical Preparing Sons is. Dad shares how to raise sons who can provide for a family, and he step by step leads you through doing this.


Book #1: Summer with the Moodys–The first in the Moody series.


We hope offering an electronic version of these books is a blessing to many!

Good job, Anna! 🙂

Rejoicing in Jesus,

“Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.”

1 Chronicles 16:11

10 thoughts on “Three New Maxwell Kindle eBooks”

  1. So exciting for your family! The cover of “Sweet Journey” is beautiful! I’m sure Anna did a wonderful job in turning these into e-books. 🙂

    Blessings to all of you, in Christ,

  2. Hooray! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to convert them to Kindle format!

  3. Very excited to purchase Sweet Journey tonight. I’m looking forward to what the Lord wants to reveal through Mrs. Maxwell’s book. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for continuing to publish the books in ebook format.
    Living outside the USA, this is really a blessing to us!
    When my husband read that you started publishing your books as ebooks, he got me a Kindle as a gift. 🙂
    At the moment, I am reading the “Elsie” series, and I am looking forward to reading Moody book #8 on my Kindle!
    Isa from Germany

  5. You write that these are three *MORE* of your books in Kindle format. What are the other titles? I couldn’t find any others on I am particularly interested in “Keeping Our Children’s Hearts : Our Vital Priority.” Thank you.
    We haven’t worked on “Hearts” yet. The other was “Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Sprit.”
    Sorry for the delay.

  6. I’m wondering if it is a completely different process to convert the books to the Nook format. That is the device my daughter and I read on, and I would love to add these titles.

    I realize that the Kindle is used by more people, and like you said, the app can be downloaded to computers and phones and tablets. But the only portable device that I own is the Nook. So, Anna, sometime when you are bored (ha), I just want you to know that there is interest in that other format. 🙂

  7. Hi there – how long before the rest of the Moody books are available for Kindle? Thanks so much! Scared I”ll get through Book #1 with the kids and we’ll be stuck for a while waiting for the others LOL They love it!
    Thank you for the feedback. We’re not sure at this point, but we will discuss it!

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