It All Began with a Moody Book | Part 3

Friday morning, the girls came back to our house, and Anna had everything ready for the baking to begin.



We made dessert, molten lava cakes, ahead of time, and put them in the fridge to bake later.


Wouldn’t you love to know what she was thinking?


Bethany is a great help with salad!


The main course was lasagna. Anna had already cooked the meat and simmered it in the sauce, in addition to cooking the the noodles. Abby helped Anna layer it.


We transformed the playroom into a restaurant dining room. However it wasn’t without some excitement.


Yes, the table tipped over, causing one of the glass candle holders to break. The mishaps that happen in the Moody books are really “Not All Fiction.” After the aunts safely took care of cleanup, preparations continued.


Bethany decorated the menu.


Chef Anna fed the waitresses before their customers came. They ate macaroni and cheese, goldfish, and pears. It made for very happy waitresses.


In fancy restaurants, you have to wait to be seated.




Praying before the restaurant opened.


It was so sweet. From outside the door, when waitress Abigail was in the restaurant waiting on her customers, we heard Nathan say that before the meal they were going to pray. He asked her if  there was anything they could pray for her concerning? Never ever underestimate or de-value the power of prayer. Even if your waiter or waitress says they don’t have anything for you to pray about, it will still mean so much to them. When my mom, sisters, and I were out for lunch before my birthday, we asked the sweet girl who served us how we could pray for her. Her eyes filled with tears. She was so touched.


In the kitchen, Chef (Aunt) Anna prepared the salads, so the waitresses could bring them in.


Ever wonder what your chef and waitresses do when they aren’t serving you? Think again. When was the last time you toured a restaurant kitchen (smile)?


The service was incredible!


You did so well, Anna!



Tina up from her nap and happy.



Melanie said she thought it was the most special dinner she ever had! Nathan loved it too. What a joy it was to help the little girls make it a delightful evening for their parents.


“And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD:
it shall rejoice in his salvation.”
–Psalms 35:8

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  1. Our children have done this for my husband and I for our last 2 anniversaries. We have 7 children ranging from 16 down to a 1 year old. We, the parents, and the children love it so much. They have such fun doing all the preparations, cooking, and serving. It truly is a blessing. So many of the ideas in the Moody books have touched our lives. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So cute! So precious to have the little girls serving their parents.
    Keep up the nice posts!


  3. Ladies what a touching and beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing this beuatiful way to serve parents and those the Lord places in our life in such way. 🙂 This 3-part series brought such a smile to my face.

    I always have something to learn from your family…I never thought to ask a waitress how I could pray for her – wow. Sucha wonderful testimony! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing these family events and lessons of faithfulness.

    The Lord bless you all!

  4. Very thoughful of all of you and creative too!! The two little girls are very blessed to have family such as the do .

  5. So sweet that they wanted to make dinner for their parents.Dessert looks delicious and Abigail & Bethany are so cute in their matching outfits.

  6. All four Moody fans at our house have eagerly awaited each installment of this post. You brought smiles to our faces and hearts! Such a beautiful gift to Nathan & Melanie, but also such a gift to the little girls. Their aunties investment in their lives is priceless! And what a blessing it will be to the parents and aunties as the girls grow up to think and do generous things like this on their own because of the example they’ve been given!

  7. Precious.
    Love the picture of the girls praying together with Bethany placing her fingers on her eyes!

    Thanks for sharing this special time with us!

    Love and blessings from NJ,

    Lisa and Hannah and Family

  8. This is the sweetest post I have read in a long time. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful treat and joy for all involved.

  9. So sweet to see the little ones happy to serve their parents…what a blessing the Aunts are to help them to do it!

  10. Precious! Alanna really enjoyed hearing this post! ( Alanna has the same dress Abigail is wearing. She thought that was neat!) The dessert looks yummy. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  11. Such a lovely idea, and beautifully documented with all the details and photos. And I kept thinking: Abby and Bethany are getting so big! Great to see some of what they are getting up to, am sure it will all add to wonderful building-blocks for their future and special memories.

  12. So sweet! I asked my mom, who was a waitress back in the 60’s and 70’s, if her customers ever offered to pray for her. She said sometimes they did and it always touched her.

  13. Offering prayer for your waitress….something to definitely think about the next time in a restaurant. I’ve thought about that comment since I read it yesterday.

    I was a waitress when I was younger. I was lost then. I never had someone offer to pray for me. I don’t think I really ever saw someone pray before the meal. I wonder if I would have come to the Lord sooner had someone talked to me about Him and being saved. I had never heard of being saved.

    Praise God someone did tell me about His love for me!

  14. I was just looking at the pictures of the anniversary dinner with 2 of my daughters, ages 4 and 5. We enjoyed it thoroughly! What a sweet way to bless Nathan and Melanie. Our 7 children, ages 14 down to 2, have done this for my husband and me a number of times. When we got to the photo of dessert, both girls piped up, “You should ask for the recipe of THAT one!” Would love to make it if you have time to post the recipe. Thanks!!

  15. Oh! This brings back so many sweet memories of my children playing restaurant! My daughter especially loved the “waiting on the customer” part and designing the menus. How fun for Abby and Bethany to have aunts to help out.

  16. What a precious time! I’m sure they’ll all remember it for years to come.

    I keep looking at Abby and Bethany’s jumpers. Are they purchased, or did someone make them? Either way, they look very complicated and well-made!
    A friend made them as a gift and they are incredible, both in appearance and workmanship.

  17. I adore the photo of Abby, Anna, and Bethany praying before the restaurant launch. Bethany pinching her eyes shut is priceless:). I also found it touching that Nathan asked his waitress how he could pray for her, just like an authentic restaurant.

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