It All Began with a Moody Book | Part 2

Through the years of writing Moody books, I have discovered not only how much children love playing “Moodys” but also their delight in doing some of the things in real life that they have read that the Moody children do. Since one of my writing goals is to give children positive role models, this brings great delight to my heart.

My niece, Abigail, is a faithful Moody fan since her daddy reads to her from a Moody book most evenings. They usually read each book twice before moving to the next book.

Last week, the Lord gave us aunties an idea of something to do with our nieces. The idea was precipitated from an event in Book #4 and several notes I have received from Moody readers telling me they had done this same activity after reading it in the Moody book.

The plan? The little girls would be like the Moodys and be a “restaurant” for their parents serving them a special anniversary dinner.

We reserved Abigail and Bethany for Thursday afternoon with permission to use Nathan and Melanie’s van. In addition, Nathan and Melanie knew Friday evening was set aside for something special.

After reading the Moody chapter to the little girls and explaining what would happen, we were ready to begin our adventure. Aunt Anna reviewed the shopping list, and we loaded into the van.



Special times!


Shopping was awesome with the girls. We let them pick out balloons.


Waiting while the balloons were filled.


The girls were so good as we walked through the store, picking out items we would need for the anniversary dinner. We made quite an entourage.




Goldfish were a necessary ingredient, for after all, you have to keep the waitresses happy! Oh, and sliced pears. Bethie informed us, “I like pears,” as she walked by them.

Part 3 coming soon!

“That your rejoicing may be more abundant in
Jesus Christ for me by my coming to you again.”
Philippians 1:26

7 thoughts on “It All Began with a Moody Book | Part 2”

  1. That’s sweet. We did that for our parents’ 15th anniversary, but the “restaurant” was at our aunt’s home. And it was a complete surprise. We had to sneak Mom’s good China dishes right under her nose, and though we worked hard at keeping it a secret, we kept telling them (especially Dad) that they HAD to dress up when they came. That was before we even read your Moody books!
    I can’t wait to see and hear more about it Abby and Bethany’s special dinner. Oh yes, Mary, that red coat of yours goes just beautifully with your dark hair. Thanks for sharing.

    God bless! Rebecca

  2. Such a wonderful, joyful way to spend time with your family. I agree that my young nieces and nephews would also feel great excitement at being involved in such a project. They feel so important by helping with the planning and execution and I love the fact that you all enjoy each others company so clearly. It is inspiring. Children truly are a blessing from God.
    Many blessing on the Aunties,

    Cate N.

  3. So sweet! Alanna gets ideas from Moody books too! One idea she used is a baby shower for me. She saved up her money and bought me a diaper bag. She read a facts sheet about me. It was the most special baby shower I ever had! Thank you for the godly role models in Moody books!! (She also wanted to do a pet sitting business….we decided no on that one! :))

  4. As a parent, there’s not a sweeter thing for children to do than honor their parents by cooking dinner — that is awesome! Better than any dinner out, guaranteed! The little girls looked like they had fun at the store (could they be any cuter?). Looking forward to more photos of the meal!

  5. You all are blessed to live near family and I see you are making the most of the opportunities!

    Never seen balloons in a bag before…..good idea since many of ours have floated Heavenward before making it home!

    Blessings and love from NJ,

    Lisa and Hannah and Family

  6. How sweet!!!!

    My order of Moody books arrived on Monday, just as I was laid up with a cold. I’m now on #3 and am loving them. Our double blessings (ages 4 and 2) will come anytime in the next few weeks so we are looking forward to reading them to them soon.

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