It All Began with a Moody Book | Part 1

For the first of a three-part blog post series, I have taken several quotes from Spring with the Moodys, Book #4 in the Moody Family Series.

–Page 173, Spring with the Moodys

… “Emily, I don’t know what brought this to mind, but our anniversary is fast approaching. Do you have any ideas for how you’d like to celebrate?”

Mom shook her head. “Dinner out would be hard with the twins.”

Max glanced at Mollie and Mitch and then back at Dad and Mom. “We’ve been discussing an idea,” Max said. “Would you mind if I told you?”

“Go ahead, Max.”

“We thought we could make a really special dinner for you. It’d be like your own little restaurant here at home. Grandma even said she would watch the twins that evening.”

Dad saw the pleasure in Mom’s eyes. “I like your idea” Dad agreed. “I’ll give you money to buy whatever you need for the meal. Maybe Grandpa can take you grocery shopping.”

–Page 185–

By four, the dessert was finished and chilling in the refrigerator. Max and Mitch continued to work on the lasagna. Dad called and told the children he’d be home soon. He asked if he should come in the front door to avoid seeing anything. “Yes, that would probably be good,” Max said. “Although you’ll be able to smell what we’re preparing!” Six was the time set for the big dinner.

–Page 190–

They lingered at the table, reminiscing over the last few years. When they were done, they walked into the kitchen. Dad and Mom hugged each child. Mom had tears running down her face. “Thank you so much. Dad and I decided this has been our best anniversary. I can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed it!”


Thursday afternoon, I read Chapter 19 aloud to my precious nieces. They listened quietly and attentively. I emphasized words as I read. Abby was thinking, but she couldn’t figure out what it all meant to her, until the end, when I explained.

Part 2 of this series coming soon!


“Make me to go in the path of thy commandments;
for therein do I delight.”
Psalms 119:35

6 thoughts on “It All Began with a Moody Book | Part 1”

  1. Oh wow, I think I can see where this is going! My girls (aged 7 and 9)love your books so much, Sarah. They often play ‘Moodys’ at home and while we are on our dog walks.

  2. Love it! I just ordered a bunch of Moody books for my TWO soon to arrive blessings!!!! Can’t wait to read the books to them! I might read them first myself though. 🙂

  3. We are celebrating our 12 year anniversary in February; We have 6 young children. The last 2 years (with some of our help) they have done an anniversary dinner for us also. It has been very special. The same plans have been chatted about for this years anniversary as well. As we’ve read ALL your Moody books to date – this may well have been where the original inspiration came from.

  4. Precious picture!

    What a wonderful idea….teaching the children to honor and bless their parents!

    Love from NJ,

    Lisa and Hannah and Family

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