A Little Idea Turned Into Abundant Joy

Monday morning, we had a special baby shower. It was Anna Marie and Abby’s idea. With a young missionary couple visiting this past weekend who are expecting their first little one, Anna Marie and Abby thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to have a baby shower. What a great idea! With short notice, they put the shower together, and there were eighteen of us in attendance.

The couple’s baby is due in June. What a delight it was to celebrate this new life and to share in their joy.


Abigail helped to decorate with decorations we had saved from Melanie and Anna Marie’s baby showers last year.


DSC_0687 Abby made peanut butter balls, and they were so delicious that every one of them disappeared!

DSC_0691 Grandma and grandson.


Cream-cheese filled strawberries; they were awesome, Anna Marie.


Aunt Sarah with a niece and nephew.



Smiles all around!



Mom gave a devotional.


Our friends, the C. family, put together a powerful assortment of Scripture verses for the new mommy to read and meditate on when she’s up with her baby in the night.


Abby and Bethie sang Jesus Loves the Little Children and each presented the new mama with a rose.


We played two games. The first was this: it’s Sunday morning, you let the baby sleep in, and now you have to hurry to get the baby ready for church. We had two teams. The other game was UNO (Abby’s idea ;)).






The whole group.


The planning committee with the expectant mommy.

“As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.”
Psalms 127:4 

12 thoughts on “A Little Idea Turned Into Abundant Joy”

  1. What fun! Babies are an excellent reason to have a party. My favorite part was the GIANT ORANGE HAIR BOWS! It’s not a “thing” up North like it is where you are but it is slowly creeping its way up; today my youngest is sporting a modest-sized one but we are going to work up to large because when I showed the girls the picture of Abby and Bethany in the matching dresses, they immediately ran upstairs to put on THEIR matching dresses, and there was a general lament about the lack of Large Hair Bows. My son decided he could have a matching tie. So anyway, thank you for the half-hour that they all played dress up and I got to clean the bathroom in peace. Blessings on your heads, hair-bowed or not. : )

  2. What a lovely idea! I can see that you all enjoyed it, and I’m sure that it was a real blessing and encouragement to the expectant mother!

  3. What a fun, kind, sweet thing to do for the couple. Sounds like Abby loves to give baby showers. She’s going to be a hostess blessing when she grows up, trying to bless other mothers.

    That was a thoughtful thing to do. Looks like fun.

    God bless. Rebecca

    I love Abby and Bethany’s matching outfits
    and hairbows.

  4. A very kind gesture to say the least. I love how you all never pass up an opportunity to have a party ; ) We wear big bows here in Texas too. REALLY big bows.

  5. Oh what fun! And I, too, love the matching dresses and hair bows on the little girls – they’re adorable.

    You all just gave me the idea of having a “homeschool shower” for the missionary family our church sponsors. They’re children are older and they have a very difficult time getting supplies, texts, etc in the country they are in. We could bless them each year when they come back with materials to get them through the enxt year! Thanks for the (continual) inspiration! Off to plan…..

    Bless you. You had a great idea.

  6. What a kind thing to do for that new Mom! 🙂 And how sweet and special that Abby helped too. Love all the photos–I’m sure everyone had a fun time.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  7. Y’all need a “Like” button on the posts. So many posts say what I’d like to say, and much better than I could, too!

    Could you please post a recipe for the filled strawberries? They look yummy. I’m sure the peanut butter balls were, too, for those who enjoy peanut butter, but I am not among that group.

    What a wonderful thing to do. The relationship between aunts and nieces is so special. How wonderful that the girls have their aunts so close to them!

  8. How kind of you to bless this new mother-to-be! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

    We are blessed to be a blessing!

    With love and blessings from NJ,

    Lisa and Hannah and Family

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