Gabriel’s Experience with ITonRamp and A+

A mini, impromptu, informal interview with Gabriel. Gabriel has completed numerous ITonRamp courses. Thanks, Gabriel, for sharing with us!


The next A+ course begins January 28th, so there is still time to register. Read what Gabriel has to say about his experience with ITonRamp and A+.

What kind of benefit did you get from the A+ course?

Definitely an overall knowledge of computer hardware. In addition, software and in-depth knowledge of the operating systems for Windows. Also how to communicate better in a strategic manner with the customers—learning to use words that make sense to them.

How do you see yourself using those skills in your career?

It’s going to have a large impact. As part of IT consulting, that knowledge is critical. Having an in-depth knowledge of operating systems and computer hardware and being able to understand that and being competent in that area is critical to troubleshooting and fixing any product in a business or home environment.

What would you say to other young people considering A+?

If they are considering a job in IT, it is extremely important. It is one of the basic foundational, certifications that you can get. It’s also helpful just in a home environment, because of the troubleshooting techniques and basic understanding of how a computer works, learned in this course. Doing self-study in that area can be very beneficial, but I’ve found that being in a class environment makes for easier/better accountability. You benefit so much from the webinars, forum, and calls every week, and it equips you for knowing how to study in a way that is streamlined and effective.  Seriously recommended if you are going for a career in IT.

“Apply thine heart unto instruction,
and thine ears to the words of knowledge.”
Proverbs 23:12


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  1. Gabriel was able to stay the night with us recently and shared how much he enjoyed the course and how much he learned. so glad you guys provide the opportunity to help more young men solidify a career in computers, even from a young age! always a blessing to see someone have a vision for their future and be able to make strides toward accomplishing that. way to go gabe…we love ya!!!

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