7 thoughts on “A Warm Winter Day Project”

  1. Oh! Shame on me…I so needed to do that, but now it is really cold, so I am on my hand and knees cleaning grout!! But, it is so pretty and clean.

    Pretty, pretty smiles, Girls!!!

    Love you all,


  2. Cleaning! Do i detect a trip somewhere or is it just a general wash the car and fix the bus? 🙂
    No trips until March

  3. Cute photos of the girls! 🙂 We’ve had unusually warm winter weather here in Georgia lately! Hugs, Mrs. Patti

  4. My children all helped pitch in yesterday to do garden jobs after the terrible heat we have experienced, and lots of sweeping of dust and cleaning soot off the cars. It does make all the difference when we all help each other and be cheerful about it. Happy Birthday to John as well and I wish you all a positive, productive week.

    Cate N.

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