A Creative Idea

Yesterday, on our way to the nursing home (for our usual Christmas service for the residents), our conversation came to discussing the many people in the police/fire/medical services that were working on Christmas. As we talked, the Lord gave Anna an awesome idea – what if we could make some cookies for the police officers in our town?

We made arrangements with the police dispatcher, who said that they would ask an officer to bring the cookies back to the station. The kitchen was soon a major blur of activity while we baked the cookies and Mary crafted a card. After the cookies were finished, we wrapped them in plastic wrap, and arranged them in a basket.

A little while later, the doorbell rang, and we gave the officer the cookies. We are so grateful for our police officers and the other emergency people who put their lives on the line for our protection and safety.

















“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts,
to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.”

Colossians 3:15

18 thoughts on “A Creative Idea”

  1. Aww, what a sweet gesture and beautiful idea! πŸ™‚ I’m sure the officer’s enjoyed your special gift of appreciation very much.

    Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚
    ~Miss Rachel~

  2. As the wife of a nurse, who must always work on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I think this is a splendid idea! I usually try to send special treats to work with my husband on holidays because growing up, I always took for granted the time I was able to spend at home with my family on holidays, not even thinking twice about those who were out working. May God bless you!

  3. What a great idea. My brother is a paramedic and had to work on Christmas eve and part of Christmas.
    Next year, I should send some cookies with him for everyone.
    You are such a thoughtful family!


  4. Great idea. It’s easy to forget others who don’t get to enjoy a day off with family just because it’s a holiday. I’m sure they were happy to be thought of!

  5. What a nice thing to do! I’m sure those cookies were much appreciated. Also, Did Anna have her hair cut or styled recently? If so it looks great in these pics! Happy Holidays to the Maxwell family!
    They often enjoy experimenting. πŸ™‚

  6. That is wonderful. We are blessed by their work. Thank for sharing the message with them! We continue to think of you all so fondly and pray for you regularly!
    Monica and all the C’s
    We’re praying for Faith. Blessings.

  7. That was thoughtful. What a way to bless them. That’s kind. I’d like to do things like that for the emergency crews. Not always sure how to go about it.

    The last picture, you girls all look so beautiful.

    I love your pink sweater, Anna.

  8. What a wonderful example you are to everyone. I noticed that you use both the Bosch and the swedish mixers for preparing your recipes. Can you tell me which one you like most and why? I am in the market to purchase one. Did you find a good deal somewhere? My budget is quite tight right now. Thank you
    It’s a Magic Mill Electrolux and we have had it for a lot of years. I have no idea of the purchase circumstances. We don’t have a Bosch. That’s Melanie’s.

  9. Are those the Ultimate Chocolate Chip cookies? We love that recipe! What a thoughtful gift and witness. Merry Christmas to you all!
    Yes, it is.

  10. What a thoughtful (and yummy!) thing for you all to do. Mary’s card looks so special and lovely. I feel sure the police all enjoyed the cookies AND being thought of in such a nice way. πŸ™‚
    Love, Mrs. Patti
    P.S. From time to time I enjoy taking goodies to our local firemen—they always seem so very appreciative, but I feel blessed to do that for them. πŸ™‚

  11. Last year, we delivered sweets to our fire station, police and ambulance crew in Georgia. We were astonished to see a huge folding table in the firehouse loaded with goodies. The police and ambulance personnel were less amply supplied. I don’t know why it never dawned on us to wrap the cookies individually, but that is a great tip! The card looks amazing, well done, Mary. I may have to invest in a heat embosser:)

  12. I am intrigued by the photo of your mixer. I’ve never seen anything like it in Australia! What exactly is it? Greetings from Sydney, Julie B
    It’s a Magic Mill Electrolux. We’ve had it for many years, and it has been a great machine.

  13. What a beautiful way to thank them!I bet they donÒ€ℒt get that kind of thanks often enough.
    Love the second last picture, you girls are stunning.

  14. How wonderful of you all to do this for your local police force. I am sure if was appreciated by them all. On Christmas my son and I cooked and served dinner to families living in a shelter, and enjoyed not only the working part but the tableship part too πŸ™‚ (Phil was too ill to join us.)

    Mrs. Mari

  15. We started baking cookies for our local firemen every year on September 11th the year after 9/11. Then, we decided that we should do it periodically – just to thank them for their service. We have recently moved and have always lived in fairly large places, so we have been to various fire departments over the years to deliver our cookies. The firemen are always so gracious and kind and always offer the kids a tour of the fire station and the trucks. The kids love it and the firemen always seem grateful that someone remembered to thank them.

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