Sunday evening at five we began our caroling adventure. It was a cold, wintry night, perfect for caroling! We went to many homes, usually singing one verse of “Joy to the World” and ending with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” What a blessing it was to share with our neighbors. Several even grabbed coats and stepped outside to listen. We gave each family a loaf of poppy seed bread with a card.

Afterward, Christopher and Anna Marie hosted a caroling party, complete with treats. It was a special time as a family.

If you haven’t considered adding caroling to your family’s traditions, it’s not too late!

Rejoicing in God’s Blessings,

Bundled up and ready to sing!
Joseph’s guitar really helps out the music, but it is a bit of a challenge for his hands to stay warm. He used special hand warmers when needed. As we started, he discovered the guitar needed some tuning.

This sweet couple came out to listen.
The whole group!
Quite a spread.

“When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.”
Matthew 2:10 

18 thoughts on “Caroling”

  1. That is so cool!! Yes, I imagine the guitar needed tuning. Cold weather doesn’t do really do anything good to instruments ( stringed instruments in my playing). I’ve found that out in playing guitar ( and soon hopefully violin) at church and keeping my instruments in the car. They really need tuning after staying in a cold vehicle!!

  2. “I spy” an extra gentleman???
    Yup, JD a family friend and business associate of John’s.

  3. This Sunday evening will be our first time to go caroling with a group from church. I am also making poppy seed bread to take. Really looking forward to it. The spread looks lovely. We don’t have receptive neighbors nor family near but our church has begun to fill in some of our missing pieces. Little Joshua is very handsome and I’m thinking there is no lack of aunties wanting to hold him.
    Thank you for inspiring me this year to go caroling and take treats.

  4. Looks like such a wonderful time! I used to love carolling with my church. I’d do something like that with my family, but there are only 3 of us. Unfortunately I can’t have children.

  5. How wonderful! Your family is such an inspiration to me. You are all so blessed to have such a large, close family. I always feel better when I leave your blog. Thank you, many blessings to you all.

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics. Glad everyone could go this time. You have a cute scarf, Mary. The treats Anna Marie made look good. That was hospitable of her to do so. Glad you had a blessed time.

    God bless!

  7. Who is the other guy in the group picture?
    JD a family friend and business associate of John’s.

  8. What a special family time together, and what a wonderful tradition you all have! πŸ™‚ Not to mention the fact that I’m sure your neighbors are very blessed by your music and the treat you leave with them. ~ Love the photos you shared–especially the one of Sarah holding Baby Joshua–so precious! πŸ™‚ Love, Mrs. Patti

  9. Our family did so last night. We handed out chocolates and of course sang. I found it funny that you mentioned singing ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’ because that’s one that we usually sing as we’re leaving πŸ™‚ Singing about our Savior’s birth is one of our favorite family traditions.

  10. Little Joshua is just a DOLL in his cute little footie jammies. I wish there were more people like your family who carol. I would love to live in your neighborhood!

  11. Hi dear Maxwell family!

    Thanks for the encouragement to carol as a family and give a gift and card. What a great opportunity the Christmas season provides to reach our neighbors with the love of Jesus!

    Once again, the pictures are beautiful!

    Rejoicing with you that God did just like Hallmark….He cared enough to send the very best….JESUS!

    With love and blessings from NJ

    Lisa and Hannah and Family

  12. Don’t you just love caroling and then having a heavily laden counter full of treats?! Reminds me that God is infinitely more lavish with us. Hope 2013 brings you more of His abundant grace. Love, friends in NH

  13. I think that’s neat. Do you know everyone you carol to? Do you just start singing and people come out?
    Maybe 50/50. We just start singing.

  14. Thanks for posting picture of your caroling. NJ folks do not carol though and long long ago when I was in daycare center we did caroling but it is for classes.

    So nice of Anna Marie & Christopher to host the christmas gathering. It is always nice for different family member to host different parties!

  15. Love the photos, thanks, especially Anna and family. πŸ™‚
    We are caroling on Friday with a group of interfaith friends. Our group of 20-30 has been caroling together for more than 20 years. We visit assisted living and care centers, our local hospital ICU and critical care floor, as well as shut-ins. Such a joy!

  16. Can you double your poppy seed bread recipe and then pour into 6 pans?
    That is what we do.

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