Too Tight?

We arrived at the church driveway about 1:45, and, the turn looked extremely tight. We made the initial turn by just a few inches, since there were brick pillars on each side. Driving a little further, we came to another tight turn. The problem was that the ground was extremely soft, so we had to stay on the narrow driveway which didn’t have room for the  turn.

I jumped out to grab some pictures. The back tires were bogging down in the mud, but I knew the Lord would get us out. We’ve had several tight calls this trip, and every time, the Lord enabled us.

So, it was decided to pull up into a gravel driveway, close to the church, and our angle is a little interesting. Most of us are going to remake our beds tonight.

We are very grateful we’re here, albeit with a little excitement :-).


“Be thou exalted, LORD, in thine own strength:
so will we sing and praise thy power.”
Psalms 21:13 

2 thoughts on “Too Tight?”

  1. Whew! 😉 I’m sure this added a little excitement to your afternoon! Thank the Lord for His mercies and protection.
    Love, Mrs. Patti 🙂

  2. Mmm yah I can totally relate to that!!! We have an MCI 40-footer ourselves (traveling missionary-evangelists!) and some people don’t seem to realize how HUGE they really are until they take us to a really tiny or really tough spot! We’ve gotten dragged out of the mud or made crazy 3-point turns more times than I could count. 🙂 Ahh the life in a bus! 😀

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