Stop #7: Pittsburgh Area, PA

Our seventh stop, and fourth weekend conference in a row, is complete. It’s amazing how time flies. Today is Day #19 of our 43 day trip.

Friday, Anna made us a new chicken recipe for lunch, which we all enjoyed. Then, at 2, we began the set up process. Things went smoothly, and we also had great help.

It was again a joy to share with families through music and sessions. We met several blog readers (hi!) and some who had been to previous conferences. Our hearts are encouraged as we talk to people and see how the Lord Jesus is working in their lives. The day went quickly, and it felt much shorter than normal since we shaved 15 minutes from the lunch break and didn’t have a panel discussion due to needing to be out of the facility at an earlier time than normal.

We are grateful for these families who are willing to take a weekend of their time to come to a conference. In addition, some drove a distance to come, which is even more of a sacrifice. We enjoyed our time with each of you!

The coordinator was again a blessing; she had put much time and effort into this conference. In addition, she had help from another lady. Thank you all!

Friday night the L. family brought dinner to us, and Saturday they took us to out to eat. Thank you, L. family!

Rejoicing in Jesus,

“Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.”
James 5:7 

3 thoughts on “Stop #7: Pittsburgh Area, PA”

  1. The girls seem to have alot of new clothes this trip. Love the Lavendar. Did Mary make the skirts? Chicken looks good too .Wish you were close enough for me to treat you to a dinner. I’ll continue to pray until something happens.
    When they find clothes on sale, the material costs what a finished item does. They have been buying them lately. We’ve just started on the spring trip and it likely will be both coasts so time will tell where we end up.

  2. Blessings… Family Maxwell!!!!!

    Sing to the Lord!!! Oh my soul! I play the flute and sing for the Lord… Is a joy… joy joy… When will come to Puerto Rico? Thanks for your blessings… Keep taking the Word of God so beautiful that way…

    R Family

  3. Praise the Lord the conferences continue to go well! We are praying for your sweet, dear family! We love you all and miss you so much already! The children talk about you guys every day 🙂 In Jesus, Heather.
    Your family was a “blessin”

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