After a blessed Sunday, we left Simpsonville late this afternoon and are driving to Mt. Airy, North Carolina. It won’t be a long drive, so we should arrive before dark. We will be giving a conference tomorrow night in Mt. Airy.

Thank you for praying for us. We are so grateful!


P.S. Here’s a little peek into the bus.

“Go your ways: behold, I send
you forth as lambs among wolves.”

Luke 10:3 

6 thoughts on “Driving”

  1. What is the yellow container by Steve when he’s driving the bus? It looks like a mustard container.

  2. I think you’ve been around mountains too much! When you are around mountains, you can say that there are mountain *peaks*. When you are taking a *peek* into a bus, it’s not spelled *peak*. All that aside, I’ll be praying for you that you would have safe travels and that God’s will will be done through your conferences.

  3. Sorry I haven’t commented for a while. We’ve been busy. Have enjoyed the pictures. My sister just said this morning that Mary looks very mature. She has blossomed into a very beautiful, sweet young lady. Hope the other conferences are blessed and fruitful.

  4. You all look very comfortable riding in your bus. I like your dad’s tray. What’s the mustard for? 🙂 I hope that you all have a wonderful time in the mountains. I wish we could be there. We are only a couple of hours from there. It didnt work out for us to go. We are in Trinity, NC. maybe the next time you come thru NC we will be able to go.
    Hot dog. Yes, we wished you could have come. We really enjoy meeting blog readers.

  5. Do any of the ladies ever drive? I can’t recall any of photos of them in the driver’s seat.
    They don’t have CDL’s.

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