Stop #3: Conyers, Georgia

We are safely tucked in for the night in South Carolina, the home of this weekend’s conference. Greenville is where we’ll be speaking, and we hope to see some of you there.

We arrived in Conyers mid-afternoon yesterday. Atlanta traffic wasn’t bad, and in fact, it was less than St. Louis’ traffic last week. The church who lent us their facility for the conference was extremely hospitable, including the use of a prophet’s chamber.

Set up went great. It was a joy to again see the families the Lord brought to the conference. Hearts were tender to the message shared. The young people at this conference included quite a few younger ones, but they sat attentively, listening to the sessions.

With only about two and a half weeks notice to get the word out, our coordinator worked hard and spread the word very effectively. Thank you, Mrs. Tonya, for all your efforts.

By the way, it was remarked today as we were driving down the interstate, that scenery photos aren’t being taken. Yes, it’s true. With that in mind, I grabbed my camera. When a pretty river was in view, I hurried to the window, slid it open, clicked several pictures, but my camera settings were wrong. It was still on Manual from last night’s pictures. Christopher was very good with scenery pictures; it’s not quite my area of expertise, but I’ll keep working on it. We miss you, Christopher!

The Lord’s mercies are new every morning. We are grateful for every blessing the Lord gives. We would again covet your prayers for this weekend’s conference.


Our traditional sister photo, in a mirror :-).

So sweet.

Packing out, without rain. Yay!

The birthday guy!

“God hath spoken once;
twice have I heard this;
that power belongeth unto God.
Also unto thee, O Lord, belongeth mercy:
for thou renderest to every man according to his work.”
Psalms 62:11-12 

5 thoughts on “Stop #3: Conyers, Georgia”

  1. I am intrigued to know what a prophet’s chamber is, I don’t think my home church in the Sydney (Australia) suburbs has one of those!
    A guest room in the church for visiting speakers or missionaries.

  2. Looks like you had a nice, big crowd. I always enjoy visiting different churches and meeting the people there. I haven’t been to nearly as many churches as your family, though! 🙂

  3. Love LOVE the sister photos! You 3 are all looking so much more alike! We are sending prayers your way for a safe journey. It sounds like you’ve had a good kick-off to your trip!

  4. Enjoyed the conference it was awesome
    Thanks for all the information and
    encouragement to families. I am the
    oldest of ten sisters and brothers four of
    which are married but I love to help my family
    and I love to encourage other families!!
    And the entire C family

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