Stop #1: Germantown, Tennessee

We have had a fantastic time here in Germantown. Since this church was our first stop on our first tour in 2000, you might say this is where it all began.

Friday was a relaxed day. We got a great night’s sleep, and the guys attended a prayer breakfast. We had our individual Bible time, and also it was good to have some exercise time.

Friday evening, the Lord brought people from the surrounding areas and three other states (Mississippi, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania). It was a joy to be able to share through music, testimony, and Dad’s “The Rock Solid Family.”

Saturday morning dawned. Our coordinator, Josh, did an incredible job with all the details. We are truly grateful for all his work! The conference was different from our standard Encouragement conference, so the schedule was not our normal line up, but it all went smoothly. Joseph gave the session “Who Is Jesus to You?” to the young people. Joseph’s enthusiasm and desire to encourage young people to a dynamic walk is thrilling.

We loved our time with all who came. Many shared with us what the Lord is doing in their lives and it encourages us. Hearts were open and receptive to the sessions shared throughout the day. We trust the Lord Jesus for lasting fruit in lives.

We’re looking forward to Tupelo tomorrow evening. We would covet your prayers as we continue on this journey. Our desire is for the Lord Jesus to shine through us.


Anna made a skillet meal for lunch Friday.

2 p.m. arrived, and it was time for setup.


With Moody readers.

Baby-sitting a sweet two month old for a few minutes.

“For thou art my rock and my fortress;
therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me.”
Psalms 31:3 

9 thoughts on “Stop #1: Germantown, Tennessee”

  1. It is always a joy to hear about your conferences and the hearts that were opened to the Lord’s word. The outfits you wore were lovely! The print of the skirt and the lavender sweaters are most attractive on all of you. I have noticed a bit of a change with your dress styles over the past year and I think it is most flattering. 🙂

  2. Hi Maxwell Family!

    Just a quick note to say I love your lavender outfits, ladies!

    More later.

    With love from NJ

    Lisa and Family

  3. It sounds as if many hearts were open and receptive to the Lord at the conference and for that I will sing praise. I am continuing to pray for your safety on this trip and the success of each stop and even though I am far away in Australia, I am so grateful that I get your updates and feel part of the tour! I agree with Miss Jody that your outfits are feminine and beautiful. God bless.


    Cate N

  4. I am so glad to hear everything is starting off well with no road troubles or such things as in the past! We are daily lifting your family and your whole trip up in prayer and our family is looking forward to seeing you at the Chicago area stop. We’ll be coming from Michigan to attend 🙂 Abundant blessings in your kingdom work!! Thanks for what you do for families.

  5. Looks like you had great turnout! I’m sorry I’m too far away to attend any of this year’s conferences, but hopefully in 2013! And yes, lavender is a *terrific* color on the girls.

  6. Unfortunately, most of us were unable to attend, but those who did found Saturday’s conference so helpful and informative. We pray we more of us will be able to attend another one of your conferences some time in the future.

    God bless you

    Z G

  7. Enjoyed the update and photos! Thanks for taking the time to share with your readers, even as you are traveling and very busy. 🙂
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  8. Lovely pictures! You mention that this is the church you first visited 12 years ago, and I wonder how you managed when so many of the children were little tykes? I gather Mary was just 4 years old. God bless your ministry.

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