In A Small Town…

tucked on the front plains of Colorado was the location for our weekend conference. Fort Morgan. I looked up the town’s history online and found indeed it was a fort at one point from 1865-1868.

We rolled into town about 1 p.m. Several families were setting rooms up for the conference. Our coordinator did an amazing job of handling the details (and beyond!) that go into a conference. She even made signs to direct people where to go for the sessions. Book table set up went smoothly, and practice was great too.

The Lord brought families from the nearby areas. It was an absolute joy and delight to talk to those that came. We love hearing how the Lord Jesus works in hearts and lives. After each conference, we share together as we drive about those we have interacted with and their amazing stories. One story in particular this weekend was heart-wrenching of extreme courage and dedication.

Hearts were extremely open and receptive to what was shared. We pray for lasting fruit!

Joseph gave his new session for youth, Who Is Jesus to You?. The Lord so blessed it! He will give it again in Memphis this weekend.

Saturday morning, the guys often help direct families to the sessions.

Sweet trio.

Often, moms with little ones sit near the back, and this was a tender duo.

Anna, a blog reader (hi!), and Mary

Fellowship is enjoyed at conferences.

We ended the conference with something new: family to families, a panel discussion. The idea was to end the Memphis conference this way; to give families a chance to ask questions about things they learned or just ask a question in general. Then, we decided to add it on to many of our upcoming weekends, except for Pittsburgh, where we don’t have time. There were definitely a major question on some of our minds. Simply this: would there be any questions posed? We had encouraged people to write their questions out and place them in a box on the book tables. Sure enough, by the time the panel discussion was to begin, questions were in the box. We all thoroughly enjoyed the panel, and the time flew by quickly. There was just enough time to answer all of the questions. When Dad asked those listening if it had been beneficial, there was a resounding “yes.” So, for those who will be attending any of the upcoming weekend conferences (again, except for Pittsburgh, where there were time constraints), you’ll have the same opportunity.

The Z. family: blog readers!

Packing out.

We would be grateful for your prayers as we pack for 6 weeks. There is a lot to do over these next three and a half days, but the Lord’s grace is always sufficient. We praise Him for giving us a message to share!


“But now having no more place in
these parts, and having a great desire
these many years to come unto you.” 

Romans 15:23 

7 thoughts on “In A Small Town…”

  1. What a blessing these conferences are to all of us. Five years ago we drove 4 hours to hear you a state away and it has had a profound effect on our family. We are living a “higher life”. Reading your materials was great but taking it all in in-person was penetrating. I recommend you often and am getting ready to buy and distribute copies of Sweet Journey for some women who love my bible journal. You are guaranteed of our prayers as you travel and serve God’s children.

  2. The Q&A is a great idea! I know that for me, the chance to speak personally to your mom and dad (hello, Teri and Steve) was a chance for me to know that while my circumstances differ from those of your family, my goals for my chlidren are the same. Some of the best information I came away with is that even though I am a divorced, single mom, raising Godly children is not impossible, I just have to make it a priority and be willing to put the work into it. My children are now 15 and two weeks from 13, and I am already seeing the benefits in raising children who are focused, taking active roles in our church, at home, and at their schools. Both of them desire to know God, and have, so far, shown a willingness to follow his lead in their lives. The topic of conversation at our home lately has been centered around missions (they had a speaker from a local ministry whose focus is on foreign missions), and what their role in it would be. While I am excited to see this, I also stressed to each of them that missions is not just in a foreign country. It is in their schools, their own church, across the street, and in their day-to-day through the people they meet and know.

    Thank you for ministry and your friendship.

    In Christ,


  3. Someday I really hope I can attend a conference. 🙂 You all were in our home state a couple years ago, and sickness in our family kept us from going to your conference. But it looks like God is really blessing your family’s efforts to send the light. It’s great getting to see pictures too. Thank you for posting, and may the Lord bless you all!

  4. Oh, it’s too bad you don’t have time in Pittsburgh! I know several churches nearby that would be so blessed to host you, but I suppose the drive to Louisiana is a long trip. Wishing you well on the rest of your journey!

  5. Praying that preparations go smoothly for this upcoming (long!) trip. Thank you for sharing all these photos. I especially enjoyed the one of Sarah and Mary—beautiful young ladies! (Anna is too, of course! But she wasn’t in that particular photo). 🙂 Looking forward to updates on this next set of conferences, and I’ll be praying for open and receptive hearts. Love, Mrs. Patti

  6. Hi!!!
    I really enjoyed the conference, and the all the sessions were wonderful.
    Please come back next year!!!
    God Bless

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