We continue to be blessed by spending time together in God’s creation.

Saturday, we went for a hike that last year quite a few of the group did, but from the opposite starting place. It was a cool morning, but temperatures warm up pretty quickly, and one warms up too, depending on the load one is carrying (i.e. camera equipment, etc). The van was parked at the trailhead, and later on, John and Jesse came back down, and drove around the mountain to meet us.

The same bridge some of the family got their picture taken on last year.

Jesse made it quite aways up, but he had a foot injury from going on a long run two days before, so he took it easy, and then waited in a meadow near the top, before turning around to go back to the van.

Hmmm. A little stream crossing.

Up on the ridge!

A sorta family picture, minus Jesse. The Gorillapod came in handy, perched on a pile of rocks.

Pringles round out a mountain lunch perfectly, and we’re so grateful for John carrying them up in his pack.

Behind the scenes.

Lunch on the ridge.

I opted to stay on the ridge while the rest hiked up to a view point further up. It was a beautiful time to sit, review 1 Peter 1, think, and enjoy the solitude.

If you look closely, you’ll see the small specks, which were some of the family. I enjoyed the quiet, until something caught my eye, and I discovered I wasn’t alone.

A little prairie dog sort of animal was digging himself a nice tunnel.

iPhones take awesome pics. Thanks, Anna.

Getting up higher does offer beautiful views.

John was the first down, running as he came, because he wanted to make good time to the van, where he and Jesse would drive over to St. Elmo to pick us up. This would take an hour to do so.

Joseph was next, quite a bit ahead of the rest. I noticed we had a visitor coming over the trail-less part of the ridge, and as he came closer, it was obvious he was a hunter. When he came over, we had a nice conversation, and he told us about all the wildlife he had seen. He was hunting for an elk and had enough supplies with him to last for five days.

When the rest of the family came back, we started down the other side.

Anna and I stopped here for a few pictures in a pretty little meadow. The only thing missing? A picturesque black bear to saunter through the area.

John and Jesse beat us to St. Elmo by a few minutes. They made extremely good time coming down the mountain and got all the way over to St. Elmo. It was great to meet up with them.

Feeding the chipmunks was great. The only thing missing? The little grandgirls. They went a week ago Friday afternoon, the 17th, when we were still on our way in from Denver.

Another behind the scenes.

Tuesday’s plans? We’re all tackling Mt. Elbert, the highest 14er in Colorado. Backpacks are being packed with water and food, and we are looking forward to the challenge.


“In God is my salvation and my glory:
the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.”
Psalms 62:7 

8 thoughts on “Hiking”

  1. The chipmunks are so cute and very brave to interact with people. I enjoyed your lovely pictures very much. Be safe in your travels!

  2. What a wonderful time you all are having! 🙂 The scenery is beautiful, and you all look so healthy and happy. Those chipmunks are so cute and must be quite tame to be hand-fed. ~ Thank you for taking time to post updates and photos of your trip, and continued prayers for safety. Love, Mrs. Patti

  3. Thank you for such wonderful pictures of your glorious surroundings. I simply cannot imagine what it is like, as Australia has such different sorts of trees, country and even mountains, but it reminds me to praise God and all He has created every day. I can personally understand how restful the solitude of those surroundings would be. I am glad to see you are all enjoying your holiday. I hope Jesse’s injury heals quickly.
    We tried some new shoes and they seem to be protecting his foot nicely. It did very well today on our hike as a result.

  4. The chipmunks are cute. You guys are in beautiful country right now. Get more pictures with you in them too, Sarah. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  5. If you don’t mind me asking , What is the weather like in the mountains? I noticed you and your family have on jackets and sleeves. The pictures are rather beautiful. My husband and I just came back from California , we hiked up some very big hills to see the San Francisco Bridge and the ocean, it was very tiring nothing compared to the Colorado’s mountains though. I do my hiking in skirts too :)..

    May the Lord bless you and your family Forever.
    At times it is quite cool and windy and other times summerish. At night and in the morning it is generally in the 40’s and 50’s. Very pleasant indeed.

  6. When you said St. Elmo I remembered Abigail wanting to feed the chipmunks and learning about patience and prayer. Those chipmunks are good little teachers!

  7. What does a 14er mean? Elvation? Miles? Kilometers? I had some time to myself one weekend and hiked the 2-hour Parker Ridge Trail in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies. It does get cool up on the mountaintop; well I wasn’t very far from the mountain that had the Columbia glacier, and I had forgotten that even though the temperature is cool the sun is not any less intense, so I did get sunburned but I do know what you mean, Sarah, about sitting on a mountiantop with your bible. It was a lovely day.
    A 14er is a mountain over 14,000 feet tall.

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