Family Times

A brown, furry, but harmless visitor.

One day, Mom (Grandma) said she was going to eat on the back deck and did anyone want to join her. Little Bethie heard and quickly offered her company.

Who is in that canoe? I’m serious. There is someone in there.

Sometimes, you get yourself into a little traffic jam.

The whole crew.

 “I have set the LORD always before me:
because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth:
my flesh also shall rest in hope.”
Psalms 16:8-9 

9 thoughts on “Family Times”

  1. Lovely pictures! I love how the little ladies wrinkle their noses. I’m glad that a good time is being had by all. Bless you all,

    Karen N.

  2. These photos brought a smile to me this morning–thank you for sharing! 🙂 I enjoyed all of them (especially the photos featuring the babies and little girls–adorable!). Melanie and Anna Marie seem to be such precious, loving mothers (and that photo of Anna Marie holding Baby Joshua is so cute–he looks so peaceful in her arms). I’m so thankful you all have been having such a wonderful time of fellowship in such beautiful country. Continued prayers for safety as you enjoy your trip. Love, Mrs. Patti

  3. Very nice pictures! And I am guessing that Christopher is in the canoe.
    Good job. Correct!

  4. Hi Maxwell Family!

    You have posted one of my favorite Scriptures. Thank you! Thanks also for sharing the beautiful family pictures.

    With love from NJ

    Lisa and Hannah and Family

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos. I like the one of Christopher and Mary playing. We have that game too, and it’s a favorite with kids when they come to our house. The boating looks relaxing. My guess is Joseph is the secret person in that one boat. Anna Marie looks happy. God bless!

  6. Looks like you are having a fantastic time and everybody looks so happy and relaxed.Wish I was part of your family so I could be there with you all.Thank you for sharing your family trip with all those amazing pictures,please keep them coming.

  7. Looks like you are all having a good time! It looks like so much fun; my family so enjoys the outdoors. May God be with you all. In Christ, Grace

  8. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I’m praying that you all are enjoying some heart-healing, love-filled, family time.

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