What Started Out

as a six mile hike ended up to be a lot more for some of the family.

Since Christopher and Nathan’s family are only going to be with us for the weekend, last night, we asked what they’d like to do. Ptarmigan lake was the choice. It was to be about a six mile round trip hike. We’ve done Ptarmigan several times throughout the years.

It was a beautiful morning: cool, but not cold, sunny, and delightful scenery and amazing company.

The hike up to the lake went well, with the little girls even walking for a bit. At the lower lake, the family broke into several groups. From there, some (of the immediate Maxwell family) decided to go up to the top of a nearby mountain, which we later found out is Mt. Jones, at 13,200′. John and Anna had been back helping some of the “little-uns” with the other group, and they were going to catch up with us, but that wasn’t going to work. They couldn’t continue, due to the fact that they didn’t have any water, and that would be a very necessary key ingredient in such a steep, strenuous climb. They didn’t have water because John had carried Abby earlier and Anna Christina, and then when they had left the younger Maxwells, they didn’t want to take water from that group, thinking they would be able to catch the rest of us. So, they went to a pretty overlook, and waited for us.

Anna carried Christina in the Moby Wrap all the way up to the lake.

We made quite a group: all fifteen of us!

Joshua was so cute in the Ergo carrier on Christopher.

Joseph climbed this ridge.

The younger families are down there at the lake while we climbed up.

Jesse was an awesome encouragement to Mary and I, who were often near him as we climbed up. The terrain was very steep, and we went a number of steps, and then had to rest. Jesse kept steadily encouraging us that we could make it.

The top! Hurray.

Dad brought a kite up, which Jesse flew.

When we rejoined John and Anna, we did a group picture, thanks to the Gorillapod and the self-timer.

I love my brothers and sisters!

Tonight, Anna Marie and Anna made fruit salad to go along with dinner.

We are all tired from our invigorating day, and rest will be wonderful tonight.


“His work is honourable and glorious:
and his righteousness endureth for ever.
He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered:
the Lord is gracious and full of compassion.”
Psalms 111:3-4

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  1. So glad the hike went well. What wonderful photos–especially the ones of you all with mountains in the background! 🙂 Hope everyone will feel well-rested by tomorrow. Continued prayers for all–especially Joseph.

  2. Thank you for sharing some wonderful pictures. It looks so peaceful there. Great to see a family enjoying the wonderful creation provided to us by the Father and not having to “be entertained” on a vacation. All of you look radiant – of course it would be hard not to be when surrounded by such beauty. What wonderful memories are being created with the next generation surrounded by adoring Aunts & Uncles. May all of you have a great time with eachother and a special time with the Lord while you are there. May there be a refreshment within you so that you are renewed for upcoming ministry.

    For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

  3. Such BEAUTIFUL family photos! 😀 How nice to be able to hike in the beauty of God’s marvelous creation…I love looking at the mountains which always remind me of His greatness. 🙂 So glad you all are enjoying your time together! Thank you for sharing all these pictures Sarah!

    God bless! 😀
    ~Miss Rachel~

  4. Looks like you’re all having a blessed trip!Thank you for posting these beautiful photos.

  5. Wow, what a great time! Those pictures are beautiful! Do you notice the thinner air at the top of the mountain? Did you do anything (fitness wise) to prepare for the change in elevation?
    We are at approximately 8,500 ft and you notice a big difference. We all workout at home and the only difference was some additional, longer walks.

  6. Curious as to what the immediate family means? I thought immediate family was mother and father along with all their children (their spouses) and grandchildren?
    A father and mother and the children living in the home.

  7. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful!Can’t wait to see some more.Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Looks like you all had fun. I’m always glad when I see Dads carrying their babies or toddlers, whether in front pouches or back carriers.

    Is it hard to hike in denim skirts? What little hiking I’ve done has been done wearing jeans, they just seem more comfortable and if you fall, as I have, provide more protection to your legs.

    You can really see how dry it is there. I hope rain comes soon, but until after you leave or only at night.
    They all do just great in their skirts.

  9. Sounds like a really fun day; albeit a bit tiring!

    I loved reading about the prep steps in going on this vacation. We have 4 going on 7 children and we are still learning logistics with a large family. I, for one, appreciate the details involved!

    Have a wonderful rest of your vacation and Happy Birthday to Mom Maxwell!

  10. What beautiful pictures! My son attended camp at Pike’s Peak and was taken to the ER because of the thin air. We had never been in that kind of altitude and completely underestimated it. His dad was with him, so that helped keep me from just completely acting like a momma bear, it is still scary. I am so glad you guys prepare for it ahead of time, and now we will too!

  11. Dear Maxwell family, I just felt led to share this with you: “Because of Your promise, and according to Your own heart; You have brought about all this greatness, to make Your servant know it. Therefore You are great, O Lord God. For there is none like You, and there is no God besides You; according to all that we have heard with our ears.” “What no eye has seen nor ear has heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him”-these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit.” “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong unto us and to our children.”
    Praying for you all.

  12. What lovely photos! The scenery is simply breathtaking. Hopefully there weren’t too many sore muscles the next day! I’ll be everyone slept well after that adventure. I think you mentioned you’d be doing a 14-miler — hopefully that one isn’t quite so steep? Also, that lake is beautiful — did you feel the water and is it cold or does it warm up in the summer?
    Slept well indeed as we were very tired. Actually, I was referring to what is called a fourteener or 14er and means a mountain over 14,000 ft. The ones we have hiked take no climbing ability, just a measure of fitness. They can be quite steep, but the ones we hike are not considered dangerous.

  13. Beautiful country! Enjoyed the photos. Wow! Bethany is starting to look so much like Abby. Looks like you’re all having autumn like weather. Guess what? So are we! And it’s only August, but the weather here’s been absolutely gorgeous! You all sure seem to like vigorous hikes. Be careful, have fun, and take lots of good, fun pictures.

  14. Just wondering what kind of exercise regimen the girls go through each morning? They must have great strength to make the long rough hikes.

    The girls do 30 minutes of intense exercise 3 days a week and walk six days a week.

  15. Where did the cute little hat that Christina is wearing come from? I absolutely love it!

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