After a delightful, easy drive, we arrived here in Denver about 4:30 Mountain Time. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, and we’re settled into the hotel for the evening.

If you look closely, right above the corn, sort of near the center, you’ll see a crop duster. It was amazing watching him come in so low.

It was very hazy from the smoke of the wildfires as we neared Denver.

We’re looking forward to being at the cabin tomorrow afternoon!


“Wait on the Lord: be of good courage,
and he shall strengthen thine heart:
wait, I say, on the Lord.”
–Psalms 27:14

8 thoughts on “Denver”

  1. Have a wonderful and refreshing vacation and we’ll enjoy it along with you. We love the mountains – it always feels closer to God up there!

  2. Are you visiting the area with the chipmunks on the hiking trail? How would I go about finding this place? I would love to take my family there for hiking.
    St. Elmo Colorado

  3. Your picture of the cropduster reminded me of the time we were driving out west in the desert…I think we were close to California…and all of the sudden we heard a tremendous noise and looked up to see the BOTTOM of a small plane just a few yard above our car! The pilot must have thought it was a funny joke…but it scared me to pieces!!
    Have a lovely vacation!

  4. Lovely photo of you, Sarah. My prayers will particularly be with Joseph, Elizabeth and the two families tomorrow. We’ll be travelling to some much smaller mountains in Wales (UK) ourselves right then so won’t be able to post on the actual day. God Bless you all.

  5. Have a wonderful time enjoying God’s creation! There are so many sweet lessons hidden in His handiwork. Have a blessed and joyful time!

  6. When I used to drive to Sacramento to see my brother and his family, I’d see the crop dusters (both planes and copters) dusting the cotton and tomato fields. It seems like they just touch the tops of the plants.

    Glad you make it to colorado. Did you take Uriah?

    Good thoughts for a great vacation full of rest and relaxation.
    No. The van and a trailer.

  7. I’m so glad your family will have this time together. I hope it will be a time of healing and peace. Remember that every lost dream leads us closer to the Lord. When our hearts are broken before the Lord it is like a northern star pointing us on our way into His loving arms. This much I know is true: God will bless the broken road that leads straight to Him!

    He is good!

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