Lists, food preparation, ministry things, shopping, errands, laundry, ironing, packing… And more laundry. Many things going.

Will we be ready in time? I’m sure. We always make it! Today promises to be a full day.


The guys are going to need air mattresses to sleep on, so Jesse tested them for leaks.

Mary was enjoying a break.

Mom is the expert in using up leftovers so we don’t waste food before we leave on trips.

“The Lord is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusted in him, and I am helped:
therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth;
and with my song will I praise him.”
Psalms 28:7 

9 thoughts on “Preparations”

  1. We hope you have a good time. It is a real blessing to see pictures of such bright and smiling faces. We will continue to remember you in prayers for broken hearts, and traveling mercies. Enjoy God’s beauty and each other during your time away!

  2. Oh I wish my family was going along. You all are going to have so much fun.! It is alot of work to travel but worth every minute
    I just LOVE Anna’s apron.
    Will Christopher and Nathan be taking their families?

  3. Good Luck!! i love the picture of Mary on the floor!! and then her and Anna, such beautiful sisters!
    again good luck on getting everything ready to go!!
    Only for Him,
    isabel s.

  4. A busy time for you all, but know you’re looking forward to seeing all the beautiful scenery in Colorado. 🙂 Especially enjoyed the photos of Anna and Mary—precious young ladies!

  5. Chili/Cheese baked potatoes are the bomb!! We also like them with leftover veggies/roasted or baked chicken (whichever I have in the refrigerator) and cheese. And I love seeing the clothes drying on the porch in your previous post. I rarely dry anything other than whites, and my home looks rather interesting when I do laundry. Awesome! Now, I am hungry and reminded that I have laundry to do. Nice…

    Anyway, I am so glad you all are going to be able to get away for some family time before your ministry trip later in the fall. We will pray for good weather, safe travel, and loads of fun!!

    In Christ,


  6. Have a wonderful time! I would love to see a blog post sometime of how your Mom organizes your trips with such a big family!

  7. Hi Everyone. The pictures of all the preparation make me smile, and laugh ruefully, as this is so familiar to me. There is always so much to do, but your family are pitching in, and smiling as you do. Sometimes I wish my children would adopt that attitude!

    Sarah, your choice of psalm was perfect. I actually read that one this morning in my quiet time and so was surprised when I saw it in your blog – but it is true that we trust in the Lord and can greatly rejoice as a result. Have a wonderful, restful trip.

  8. I was looking through these old posts because we are taking a quick trip (our first) to Colorado over Thanksgiving weekend – we have never traveled on a holiday but are looking forward to some peaceful time for our family. Just wanted to say I so love the “Jesus” letters on your wall. I have similar letters I painted with my girls & we put up for Christmas – but now I think I should have them out every day! It sure made me happy to see. Thanks for your faithfulness & also your wonderful pictures that are always inspiring.

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