Almost There!

We’re down to less than twelve hours until departure, and things are coming together nicely! Food tubs are packed, most have their personal belongings packed, and loose ends are being wrapped up. We are renting a trailer, so we will load that in the morning.


“Make me to go in the path of thy
commandments; for therein do I delight.”
Psalms 119:35 

10 thoughts on “Almost There!”

  1. I will be praying for all of you as you travel and your time in Colorado. The Lord’s hand of protection on all of you.

  2. You must all be so good at packing by now! I had a question. What is the first picture of? They look a bit like crispy cakes but I am not sure!
    I hope you all have a wonderful trip.
    Homemade chocolate energy bars!

  3. So lovely to see the younger ones, the girls and the new babies of the family. I am assuming that Nathan and Christopher and their families are going on the road trip as well. Take care.

  4. I’m so excited about your trip—viewing these photos of your preparations almost makes me feel as if I’m about to take a trip! 🙂 Continued prayers for you all during this time of healing, and also praying for safety as you travel. Love, Mrs. Patti

  5. So everyone is going, even the babies? I can think of no better way to soothe Joseph’s pain than to spend a few days with your close-knit family, playing with babies and praying things through. Have a lovely trip and know that we are praying for your family.

  6. Would love to know what kind of chocolate treats/bars those are in your photo! 🙂 They look good! Would you mind posting a recipe sometime? I hope you all have a wonderful time on your trip, and are blessed by the beauty of God’s creation, as well as a sweet time of family fellowship!

  7. Chocolate energy bars sound yummy! I would love the recipe if you have the time to post it. Thanks.

  8. Anna Marie looks so tickled to be going on this vacation! With all those cheerful smiles during preparation, it makes us wish we were going too:)
    We are praying for a blessed, restorative respite in His glorious creation.

    Kim C. & family

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