The Lord Provided!

First, before sharing the answer to prayer, I want to say how grateful I am to the Lord Jesus for His daily provision. Do we take for granted having a home to live in, an awesome family, food, vehicles to transport us places, doctors to care for our health needs, police to protect us, soliders who are placing their lives on the line for our freedom, and the list goes on? I am so grateful for each one of those, but ultimately, I am grateful for my salvation in Jesus Christ. May we take the time to express our gratefulness to the Lord Jesus for each area He has blessed us in. So, now on to the story.

It has been on our (the aunts) hearts since March to purchase a playground set for the nieces (and nephew!). At first, we considered options such as the ones Lowe’s sells, but to get the kind of equipment we wanted, it would be too expensive. So, Anna put the request in her prayer journal, and she began to faithfully pray. In addition, we as a family prayed about it. We kept our eyes open for a used one, but even those were either not what we were looking for or still too much. Last week, Christopher saw a used set go up for sale, and it was just what Anna had envisioned! A church was upgrading their play equipment for a huge new set, and the old set had to be out by this coming week. You all know what life has been like around here (life=full speed!), so it seemed it would be a squeeze to disassemble the entire thing, load it up, and bring it home, but it worked out that Wednesday the guys had a little break on house work while the polyurethane was drying on the floor.

After lunch Wednesday, Anna, John, Jesse,  and Christopher headed in to Kansas City. They spent all afternoon taking apart the playground and loading it into John’s truck and trailer. It was hot, hard work. But, amazingly, it all fit in one load, and it now resides at our house.

Setting it up will happen later this fall when we’re home. We are praising the Lord for His provision! Lord willing, the Maxwell grandchildren here, and those to come, will greatly enjoy coming to the “Auntie’s” Park.


“The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise
the Lord that seek him: your heart shall live for ever.”
Psalms 22:26  

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  1. Rejoicing with you on answered prayer. It always encourages and builds our faith when our wonderful Heavenly Father hears and provides these things that we have on our hearts!! We have started a list as a family for ALL the blessings we are thankful for – so far we have counted about 470+ things we would probably otherwise NOT see if we had not intentionally documented them together.

  2. WOW, What a great play set. I think everyone is going to have lots of fun on it for years to come.

  3. I’m so happy for you! I love hearing how God answers prayers :).
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Abigail noticed it Saturday when we were cutting through the backyard to get the handtruck. She was pretty excited!

    It will be so nice to have something close for them to climb on! They’ll love it!


  5. Praise the Lord! At the beginning of the summer, our boys were praying for a $10 swing set. God provided a free one and all we needed to purchase was $1 worth of bolts. Then a neighbor found us a free slide to go with it and again, total cost was under a dollar for bolts. It was so neat to see how God answered the prayers of a six and eight-year-old. They immediately began praying for a free swing set for their cousins, which God also provided 🙂

  6. My children would have LOVED to have something like that to play on in the back yard when they were small (and probably still would at 12 and 10!). Did you end up paying for it or did they gift it to you for the price of “hauling it away”? I can’t imagine how you got it on the truck — it must weigh a LOT! Do the girls know about it yet?
    Yes, it still did cost something, but it was a fraction of what it originally cost. Yes, they saw it the other night when cutting through the yard.

  7. Thank you for sharing God’s wonderful answer to this prayer request! It is surely wonderful to see how the Lord will answer our prayers, because of His great love towards us. The little ones will love it! Blessings!

  8. It is amazing how God answers our every prayer; all we have to do is ask! Then, we must patiently wait for His reply. Thank you for sharing the story as it reminds us all of Jesus’ faithfulness and provision. He truly does care for our every need! In Christ, Grace

  9. What a fun surprise! That’s going to be a blessing. The younger ones will love it. I enjoy those times when we see God provide in ways we didn’t expect.

  10. Thank you for sharing! My Dad was just talking about being thankful this morning at breakfast.
    Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.
    Psalm 70:4 Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified.
    To God be the Glory!

  11. Your posts are such an encouragement to me. Especially the ones about praying and waiting on the Lord’s timing. You set such a great example of bringing everything to the Lord, whether it is a play structure or his guidance on a future spouse.

  12. One of my earliest memories is of the swing set my maternal grandparents bought for my sister and me. I was younger than your Bethie at the time, but I can remember being excited about all the big boxes in the backyard full of green, white, and yellow bits and pieces that would eventually become a swing set. I’m sure this new playground will bring much joy and many happy memories to the little Maxwells.

  13. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord not only provides for our needs, but so often He will also provide those “wants” too. God is good! 🙂

  14. Praise the Lord for His provisions! 🙂 What wonderful memories will be made on that playset as the littlest Maxwells enjoy it for years to come. And how sweet of “the Aunties” to have the desire to provide that for the little ones. Hmmm….just a thought, but taking the 3 Aunts’ first initial (S,A,M) you could have “SAM’s Park”! 😉 Thanks for sharing another testimony of how God answers prayer–He is SO GOOD! 🙂 Love, Mrs. Patti
    They often call themselves the SAM sisters.

  15. My grandkids would love if I had a set like that. Alas they have to go to the public parks and school playgrounds. I know the little girls will be as happy as can be when it’s up and ready for play.

  16. How wonderful! It looks like a fantastic play set; I’m sure the kids will have lots of fun playing on it.

  17. What a really nice playground set. Our park has one and in the evenings when it begins to cool down the park fills up and it is so much fun to watch the kids having a great time. Your playset will make lots and lots of memories for the Maxwell grandchildren. Answered prayers always build faith.

  18. I just love your family! 🙂 We are also a very close family, so I love to hear how you all work together for the Glory of God. I am always encouraged to hear your love for our Lord Jesus. He is so worthy of constant praise!!
    Your parents were our Key Note speakers at a homeschool conference in Germany years ago (we are military and were stationed there). I’ve read your blog for about a year, but never made the time to comment. I felt somewhat like a stalker, so it was time to say hi!
    May our Lord Jesus continue to bless your precious family. From one to another. 🙂

  19. What a neat blessing. It looks so sturdy and FUN. 🙂 It is neat how God often provides for our wants as well as our needs. It is just so neat.

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