House Work

Where is time going? It’s flying by, but we are grateful for each minute and hour that the Lord has given us. As Anna said yesterday, “Make every minute count!”

In between normal ministry things and work, Joseph’s house is taking shape. The family continues to delight in helping Joseph.

By the way, we have several families who are working on finding facilities for a conference location for the fall trip. We will give you updates on new dates as they come along.


Dad has spent many hours painting, and he still has many more to go. He will be painting trim pieces and doors soon.

First row of tile going in. It is most important as it determines the layout for the remaining area.

One day, Dad picked up Joseph’s hardwood floor pieces at a local millwork. The hardwood will be in the living room and hallway.

The kitchen and dining room are now tiled and grouted. It is exciting to see the house changing so much!

Jesse mixed a lot of thinset and grout. He also used the tile saw to cut the pieces that required it.

The girls are working on more cabinets.

Christopher and Anna Marie have been awesome help! They sorted and put away tools and other item’s in Joseph’s house on Saturday afternoon. Notice Joshua in his carseat? He is as cute as can be. But who is biased, right?

John worked on running the gas line in preparation for the gas company bringing it to the house.

Cleaning stray thinset in preparation for grouting.

Now this was much more rewarding than vacuuming plywood floors! Clean and ready for the grout!

A happy guy!

“In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.”
–Proverbs 14:23

15 thoughts on “House Work”

  1. Wow!! 🙂 You all are working so hard and making so much progress! Thank you for sharing all these “work-in-progress” photos with us. How wonderful it will be when the house is completed and ready for the happy couple! ~ Joshua is such a doll. 🙂

  2. Wow!!!! The house is really coming together.Great teamwork, you all are doing a great job.This house is turning into a home with all the care and detail each of you are putting in. Love the paint colours and choice of tiles. Better than all of that though is you are all creating memories, and a place to create more. Thank you for sharing.:)

    Grace and Peace,

  3. Lovely!
    I would like to be there to see that happy family working at that house!!!

    God bless you.

  4. So nice to see everyone working together and the house really changing! I especially liked the one of Anna working on the cupboards. Judging by the colors all over her skirt it looks like she could give a virtual tour of all the rooms she’s helped paint!
    Many past projects indeed!

  5. What a lovely picture, a father and son working together. I agree, there are special memories being created here.

    I was wondering how Anna Marie and Melanie are doing? It’s been over a month since the babies were born, I hope their recuperation has been smooth. Blessings to you all.
    They are both doing great!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all of this progress with us. My husband and I along with our children are doing some remodeling on our own house and your pictures and descriptions actually help us. Thank you for taking the time to post all of your projects! Your family is a blessing and encouragement. We have seen you twice in the past at your conferences and look forward to seeing you again in the future

  7. Wow you guys are making a lot of progress. Do you guys have a wedding date pick yet? Thanks for the upload!
    Soon you should hear about it.

  8. The house looks wonderful. Would you mind sharing which brand of paint you are using? We are painting the lobby areas of our church a very dark blue and there is a problem with streak, making for an unacceptable finish. We’ve never had this happen in other paint jobs we’ve done, so we think it’s the paint. You seem to have a wonderful finish in the dark color you used in the kitchen. Thanks.
    Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior. It’s the first time we have used it. There were some particular challenges there so we felt it was worth trying this. However, when painting over something difficult to hide, use a tinted primer. Tint the primer several shades lighter than the final paint and it should cover well. We didn’t tint the primer because we were spraying it on the whole house and didn’t want a tinted primer used everywhere. I’ve painted the kitchen 2 coats and one more will do it. Our living room burgundy wall took four coats of a lesser paint. Again, because we sprayed the primer on the whole house.

  9. How wonderful it will be for the bride to have a beautiful place to start her new life and raise a family. And what a blessing your father has raised the boys to want to give that to their new brides! Thank you again for posting the pictures.


  10. Congratulations,Joseph and Elizabeth,on your engagement!The house looks great!Lord willing, my family and I will be coming to your conference in Memphis, Tennessee this September.My brother, Nathan enjoyed the computer classes he had with Nathan and Joseph. Sarah, I love the “Moody Family Series”! Keep up the good work! Love Ya’ll!

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