Joshua’s First Sunday At Church

Little Joshua, after not being out in public for six weeks, made his debut at church. It was exciting for everyone to see him, and the elderly were delighted. Joshua was prayed for many a Sunday in our prayer time, so he was an answer to prayer!

Joshua slept through the service.

Our fellowship is a wonderful mixture of young and old. Maybe I should do a real “how our Sunday service runs and meet those who attend” blog post soon.

“Rejoice in the Lord, ye righteous; and give thanks
at the remembrance of his holiness.”
–Psalms 97:12

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  1. Very precious. Love the sling. Did Anna Marie make it? I tried making one for my daughter but it never seemed to fit tight enough.I didn’t have a pattern. I need another as I will soon be adopting a child my daughters age and will also foster others from infant on up.
    I know how older folks just loves little babies so I’m sure it was a special treat for them.
    The sling is called a Moby wrap. It was purchased.

  2. Awwww, he’s so cute! And Anna Marie is just a beautiful mama! I hope she and Christopher are enjoying their babymoon and getting some sleep! They both look so happy!
    His nights are doing great.

  3. What a gorgeous mother and baby! Thanks for posting these pictures!

    Rejoicing with you in NJ

    Love, Lisa and Hannah

  4. LOVED these photos!! Baby Joshua is so precious, and Anna Marie is still radiant with the glow of motherhood. πŸ™‚ I would really enjoy a post on how your Church service runs (was wondering if you all still go to a nursing home?). ~ Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo πŸ™‚

  5. Anna looks so beautiful, and baby Joshua-so sweet. God has blessed Anna & Christopher.

  6. It’s so heartwarming to see these pictures of young and old enjoying and loving each! It would be really nice to see a post about your Sundays.

  7. Awww! So sweet. I love having babies and little folks in church! I am so fortunate that my church encourages families to have their babies/children in church with them. We have several famiilies whose children have sat through church with them from the time they were born. I can remember a time when such was not the case, and I am so glad that tide seems to be changing in a lot of churches. Anna looks wonderful, and I know she is enjoying these days with Joshua. I hope she is managing to get some rest and is able to get out a bit for some fresh air and much loved companionship with her inlaws. Has her family been able to visit?

    In Christ,

    They were out for a nice visit soon after Joshua was born.

  8. I’m sure it brightened the nursing home residents’ day to see a brand new baby. Anna looks great!

    I would also like to hear more about your church services. When my Grandma was in the nursing home, they held church services there. I didn’t get to see what it was like, because Grandma wasn’t feeling well enough to attend. But the pastor and some members of her regular church came to see her and pray with her. My family appreciated that so much. Someone in the family visited Grandma at least once a day, but we couldn’t be there all the time. Grandma is with the Lord now.

  9. Oh I love these photos! So precious! And, I loved seeing pictures of your church again! Would love to see a blog post about it, as you mentioned! πŸ™‚ I also have to say I am captivated by the older lady in purple. There seems to be such a precious sweetness in her eyes! πŸ™‚ Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!
    Her name is Dolly and she is so, so, precious. She would covet your prayers for her health.

  10. I love how Anna Marie glows! Also, the way she has her hair in the pictures is very pretty! πŸ™‚

  11. Dear Maxwell Fanily,
    Thank you for this post! It has been quite a while since you had a post about your ministry at the nursing home and we were wondering just recently how it was going. Our family does Sunday services at a nursing home once a month and we have been getting more involved at other times too. This past Wednesday, some of our family did a presentation on butter making, allowing the residents shake jars of cream to make fresh butter. It was followed by crackers with fresh butter and cheese (made at home that very morning) and a special visitor for the residents to pat – our calf! The residents were delighted and very much enjoyed the event! And what a blessing for us to get to know the seniors at the home and to learn from them!
    May the Lord continue to bless you all and use your family to His glory!
    In Christ,
    The F family
    What a great idea. It would have been a super time for them.

  12. Why do you call the residents of the nursing home “the elderly”? It’s such an impersonal way to describe people who have lived their lives and have so many stories to tell. Why not call them the ladies and gentlemen who reside at the home. Why not interview them about their life in Christ and how he has helped them through the years?

    Joshua is a cutie. Glad that he has his nights right. I was spoiled by my first, my 2nd thought she was meant to be a party person and wanted to stay up late while I wanted to sleep. She loved our waterbed and she slept well on that. Once I’d put her back in her bed the jig was up.
    I wonder if calling them “elderly” is no different then you referring to them as “residents.” To me elderly is both personal and endearing.

  13. What beautiful pictures!! I am always excited when I see a baby in a sling. He’s right where he belongs: close to his mother’s heart.

  14. God bless this sweet baby and his parents! When is he going to be baptized?

    After he professes faith in Christ.

  15. Not sure if Christopher and Anna remember us but they were such a blessing to our family last fall. They came to our house shortly after we moved and brought dinner and took some pictures it was such a blessing to meet them and spend a few hours with them. Baby Joshua is such a blessing and Anna you look wonderful! Congratulations on your baby boy!!

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