A Little Bit of This and That

Days are flying by here at the Maxwell household. We are grateful to the Lord Jesus for all He has given us, and we know that there is always time to accomplish what He would have us to! Stay tuned!

Enjoy the pictures.


As a celebration for the many exciting items we’ve had lately (website launch, my Summer book revision, new niece and nephew), Dad took us out-to-eat for a special treat.

After dinner that evening, we went to a tile store. The new homeowner wanted sample tiles. Shortly after the tile store, we went to another store, and Joseph found tile on sale for the bathroom: praise the Lord!

SAM sisters.

It really is great to have two little ones around! They look so different. You’ll see that especially when we share photos of the two of them side by side this weekend. Joshua is so boyish, and Christina is so girly.

After removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room, air conditioning vents had to be moved.

Anna and Mary have been awesome workers!

Closing up where the hole was for the vents.

Preparing to spray the primer on the walls and ceiling.

So this is a new twist on vacuuming out the top of the cabinets. It works. Well, if you are used to wearing stilts. I’d prefer a chair. Smile.

John and Dad have already invested many hours in Joseph’s house. Dad has done many miscellaneous projects, including moving those vents in the kitchen, while John has mudded and sanded. Today, Dad put a coat of primer on the walls and ceilings.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind
is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” –Isaiah 26:3


15 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This and That”

  1. Enjoyed all these family photos! Especially the precious ones of Mary and Anna holding the babies—sooo sweet. 🙂 How wonderful you all are pitching in to work so hard on Joseph’s house–such a blessing! Thanks for sharing this post, and continued prayers for ALL the Maxwell family. 🙂

  2. WOW – things are changing quickly. How exciting for Joseph and Elizabeth. It will seem like no time and they will be enjoying the house that everyone is working on. I know Elizabeth must feel blessed to have a husband to be working so hard to prepare their home and wonderful in-laws contributing as well. The babies are so cute. It is easy to tell they are surrounded by love. Glad to see you all got to enjoy a family dinner out and some time relaxing even with life as busy as it is for you all. Thanks for the updates.

  3. I thank God for families like yours Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell.
    The world needs more families like yours- families that chose NOT to compromise with the world.
    May God continue to bless and use you and guard you from evil.
    Your ministry is a blessing and of tremendous exhortation to me.
    I sure hope to meet you. If not here on earth then surely in heaven.
    God bless you richly.
    Maybe we will meet at a conference this fall.

  4. Love all the pics. Thanks! Do the engaged couple Skype to pick their colors?
    That or email.

  5. Looks like everything is coming together nicely! I do have a question though…why did the vents have to be moved? It appears to be a huge project, and I know nothing about heat/air systems in a house (other than how to change out the filters and how to light the pilot when it turns cold enough to run the heat consistently), so this has me a bit confused.

    Again, congratulations on the windfall of blessings your family has seen.

    In Christ,

    With the wall removed they would have been in a walkway. They don’t do well being walked on so the move was needed.

  6. Thank you for the posting. I love all the different photos you shared with us. It almost feels like we are in Kansas with all of you. 🙂
    Sarah, congratulations on the revision of the book.

  7. Lovely!

    May i just ask something?!?!

    How far away is Joseph’s house from yours? will you be able to see him (and her!) a lot?

    Many thanks.
    Less than a mile. How often we see them all depends on them. We give our children a lot of room once they are married. They are then an autonomous family.

  8. This is such a random comment, but by the looks of the restaurant photos, someone is really great with bounce flash!
    Funny you would notice. Christopher is very good and Sarah has worked at learning the technique.

  9. Thanks for posting the miscellaneous photos! Your family’s teamwork is such an inspiration to our family! Both babies are adorable! We rejoice with you in your 3 new family members……Joshua, Christina, and soon, Elizabeth!

    With love and prayers, blessings, too, from NJ

    Lisa and Hannah

  10. That’s nice. It was kind of Mr. Maxwell to take you out to dinner. You all haven’t done that for a while. Hope Joseph can complete the house before the wedding. Can’t wait to see the pics of the baby cousins.
    God bless! Rebecca K.

  11. Great photos! Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I noticed that the girls have white tee shirts under their shirts. Are the sleeveless? I like the high neck line they provide. Can you please share where you purchase them from?

    Thanks again!
    Christopher & Banks

  12. Hi, I was just wondering where you get the little girl leggings and tights? I’ve been looking on the net, and I can’t find any nice little girl leggings and tights anywhere. If you can please let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time and assistance.
    Thrift stores, Kohl’s and tights from Lands End.

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