Moody Project Unveiling

What was I working on this spring? It wasn’t Spring Days, but a thorough revision of Book #1:  Summer with the Moodys. The Lord had placed this project on my heart several months ago. In the end, not only did the book undergo much editing, but also new content was added, in order to increase the original word count to make it comparable to the rest of the books in the series. Now, you can join the Moodys as they tour a … wait … I won’t give it away! Throughout the book, you’ll find new pieces of the story-line that have been sprinkled into the plot. Plus, my friend Abi drew new sketches. The original sketches had been done by my grandma, and they ended up not quite matching the style of the illustrations in the other books. I’m praising the Lord for His grace and help throughout the project. It was definitely quite an undertaking! The revised copies are now shipping.


This was during a photo session we did for the revised Summer book. Me with the neighbor's cat (aka: Peaches).
This was during a photo session we did for the revised Summer book. Me with the neighbor’s cat (aka: Peaches).

“For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for
thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me.” –Psalms 31:3

15 thoughts on “Moody Project Unveiling”

  1. that looks good!

    A friend of mine loves the moody’s and he said it would be good if maybe you did some little things to go with the books maybe an activity book. some games etc etc etc?

    Just an idea!

    God bless you and your family.

  2. What great news! My grandaughter loves these books so I will bless her with the revised first book for her birthday. We love reading them together.

    Where will the Moodies be touring?
    My guesses:
    The creation museum
    A chipmunk sanctuary
    A Beach
    The elderly home
    Dairy Farm
    A Chriistain theme park

    cannot wait!

  3. Congratulations, Sarah! Wow, your family has been so busy these past couple of months. Hope you get a chance to “come up for air” before you take off for your next series of conferences!

  4. An activity book would be really neat! I love the Moody books. I can’t wait to read the revised version.

  5. Very exciting Sarah!!
    I am currently nannying for a now 7th month old baby girl, Lyla, and I often times also have her adorable 4 year old brother, Shelton, too (when he is either sick or has no pre-school) and I can tell you that Shelton loves me to read him from the Moody books. Last week was the parents anniversary and volunteered to stay on with the children so they could go out to eat alone and have married couple time. After I had Lyla into bed, Shelten wanted to cuddle up and have me read to him, and went through chapter after chapter of the original summer book until his bedtime. I look forward to reading him the new version.

    Now I need to remember to order it–I am so bad aboout remembering to do things like this.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  6. LOVE the picture of you with Peaches! We are animal lovers!
    Congrats on the revision!

    Love and prayers from NJ

    Lisa and Hannah

  7. How exciting Sarah! You have really blessed and enriched the lives of our family by writing these books. You have created valuable role models in your characters, that minister to my husband and I, as well as our kids! We often talk about Max and Mitch (and the other characters too), and how they deal with particular situations, that our kids find themselves in too. It is so wonderful to have these Godly examples! Thank you so much for your hard work in this area of your ministry! You are a great example of a woman with God’s heart!

  8. Sarah, I think you should get your own cat instead of borrowing the neighbors. I have 5, and no, you can’t have one of mine. A home without a cat just isn’t a home. Well, to me anyway. I love the front cover of the book. Golden retrievers truly are the best dogs ever!
    “Sorry, Elizabeth. I’m not a cat person! They’re fine to look at it, but it stops there. :-)” Sarah

  9. Sarah, Is there a place where one can read a sample page or two of a Moody book before purchasing? I would like to preview a book before buying one for a niece.
    All the Moody books have sample pages on the product page.

  10. It’ll be good to read it when I get a chance. Can’t wait to see the new sketches in the book.

  11. Thanks for the writing update, Sarah. I’m sure you are touching so many young lives through your Moody books. 🙂 ~ LOVE the photo of you with Peaches! Yes, I’ll admit I am a “Cat Lady” and have quite a few myself. 😉

  12. What is the average reading level of the Moody books? I am eager to buy them as birthday/Christmas gifts for our oldest (8). Congratulations on the revision! I’m glad the revised version will be our first exposure to the Moodys!
    Reading comprehension level is for ages 7-12. Read aloud comprehension level is ages 4 and up.

  13. Congrats Sarah, on another project.I’m sure few of us really appreciate all the details it takes to complete something like this. Sometimes I think you must dream about the Moody’s, and feel like they are actually a part of the Maxwell clan. Well… they are!! 🙂 Love you.

  14. I’m voting for an activity book as well, including the Moody chidren’s memory verses.

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