In Pennsylvania

It’s a warm, hazy, day (happy 1st day of summer), and we’re rolling along on the Pennsylvania turnpike. We made great progress last night and into the morning hours. Team A, with Dad being the driver, stayed up until about 10:30, and then Team B, who had been taking naps for several hours, was ready to take their shift.

John, Team B Driver, handled the bus well, and even drove through construction in Columbus. Anna and Jesse, the remainder of Team B, enjoyed keeping John company. We stopped for the night, ummm, morning, about 3 a.m. right after entering Pennsylvania.

Air conditioning is working great, for which we are blessed. A pleasant hum of conversation fills the bus. We will be arriving in the Philadelphia area late afternoon, Lord willing.


Some had smoothies for breakfast.

Bible time

Preparing to get crushed ice.

Jesse is always great to clean the windshield when we stop for diesel.

Joseph pumps the diesel.

“This is the day which the Lord hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

–Psalms 118:24

5 thoughts on “In Pennsylvania”

  1. Is that a “Local Church Bible Publishers” note-taker’s Bible?
    Out of print Thompson Chain Reference, wide margin.

  2. Looks like breakfast here at our house – except ours is usually green instead of purple! We are praying for you all!!

  3. Looks like the trip is going great so far. I do have a question though….when you go to get crushed ice, do you just take your cups in and fill them up without paying for a beverage, or do you buy the crushed ice by itself? Praying for God’s mercy and grace on your entire trip.
    We usually take our cups in and then after filling with ice take them to the counter to see if there is a charge.

  4. I love to get new ideas for smoothies. Will you share what you do?


    Everyone’s is a bit different and not real specific. Some use yogurt, some almond milk, strawberries, bananas and are the main ingredients. I’m not sure if they even measure. I’ll ask and see if they have it written down.

    Here is mine as I had shared it before with a friend. You will probably need a Vitamix or comparable blender for it to be smooth.

    Aprox 10 oz of Spinach. I’ve been freezing it lately in 10 oz bags. It is inexpensive at Costco, but it goes bad quickly, so I’ve started freezing it in the portions.
    1 cup of unsweetened Almond milk (you can use regular milk but this has few calories)
    2 scoops of Swansons vanilla flavored whey protein powder
    ½ scoop of golden flax seed (totally optional)
    between 16 oz of fuji apple sliced
    9 oz of frozen banana’s
    ¾ cup of frozen blueberries
    1 ½ to 2 cups of ice cubes

    I put the milk, protein powder and flax seed in the blender
    start blender on low and slowly add in the spinach. Frozen spinach is much more difficult to blend as it wants to freeze up. It takes a bit of practice to keep it going.
    Once it is blended, add in the apple slices.
    Once blended add in the blueberries and banana
    Finally add in the ice cubes.
    It is wonderful. This makes enough for me and to share with two of the children.

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