Happy Father’s Day!

With a grateful heart, we praise the Lord Jesus for bringing us into this family and giving us a godly heritage through Dad. Dad is a first-generation Christian, and about thirty-seven years ago, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus. Dad’s life is a beautiful testimony of a man dedicated to following the Lord.

Appropriately, Paul says in 1 Timothy 5:17: “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.” Truly, this is Dad.

Sometimes we marvel at the wisdom the Lord gives parents, and the grace to walk through parenthood. Dad and Mom have fulfilled this role well. They have faithfully nurtured and raised us in the way of the Lord.

To the fathers who weren’t raised in a Christian home, there’s hope. Take courage from our own dad’s example. You can raise a family who is sold out to Jesus.

Thank you, Dad, for everything. We love you. Happy Father’s Day. And a Happy Father’s Day to Nathan and Christopher too!

Sarah, Joseph, John, Anna, Jesse, and Mary

“And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

–Luke 19:40

17 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Wonderful tribute from your precious children! Steve, I am so grateful for your godly leadership of your family which has overflowed to help out other Christian families! May God continue to use you to encourage many men for His glory, to help strengthen families for Him. I appreciate you and your family more than words can say! Happy Fathers Day to you Steve, Nathan & Christopher!

  2. We are grateful for Steve’s heart to empower men to live for the Lord Jesus. Steve has really been an encouragement to my husband through Dad’s corners, Redeeming the Time, and Titus 2 conference sessions. We are grateful to Steve for his influence and ministry. Happy Father’s Day, Steve. Kim C. & family

  3. You are blessed to have such a great dad! Thank you, Steve, for setting such a Godly example to your family and other families as well. God bless you.

  4. Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Maxwell!!

    I am grateful to count you as an example of what I want for my own son. He had a wonderful example in my own father, but now that he has gone to be with our Lord, I am thankful I have your ministry as a guide.

    In Christ,


  5. Happy Father’s Day to all of the Maxwell men. The world could use alot more Mr. Maxwell’s.

  6. Happy Father’s Day Steve, Nathan, and for the first time, Christopher! I was thinking about my own dad this morning, who I didn’t get to see today since my parents are 6hours away, but am greatful that the Lord blessed me with a dad who loves Him, and His Word, and prays for my sisters and me! What a BIG blessing! 🙂 Thank you so much for your ministry, as it has been a great resource for my own family. My husband and I are continuing to grow as parents who truely want to please the Lord and raise our children for His glory!


  7. What a sweet tribute to your precious father. I hope he had a wonderful Father’s Day! ~ I keep thinking about my own precious Daddy (now in Heaven)—and what a wonderful father he was. Although abandoned by his mother (at age 2) and never feeling wanted, he determined to be the best father he could be to his children. My sisters and I always felt loved and wanted, and most importantly—the Lord was first in Daddy’s life.

  8. Happy Father’s Day, Steve! We are grateful for your godly example and willingness to encourage and help other men. Your wife and children are blessed!

    See you this coming weekend!

    With love from NJ

    Lisa and Hannah

  9. Yes Amen! Thank you Mr Maxwell for your life of service and love for our Lord Jesus Christ! The LORD has used your ministry to convict us, admonish us, train us & exhort us! You have sown many, many seeds that others have watered and the LORD has given the increase to us in our life! We are 1st generation Christians also and we are truly inspired to keep walking a narrow path as He leads and directs us! May Jesus continue to give you a good long life on the earth and may you reap in joy Mr Maxwell! Thank you!

  10. Oh and PS) A VERY happy Fathers Day to Christopher on his 1st Father’s Day – very special!! 🙂

  11. P.S. I also meant to add that I love that picture of Steve and Teri!! 🙂 And…Happy Father’s Day to Nathan and Christopher too! 🙂

  12. My grandfather is a 1st generation and his life made all the difference through Christ to the rest of us! God bless you today as well Mr. Maxwell!!

  13. Happy Father’s Day Steve! Thank you for your Godly example over the years! Your wife and children are blessed to have you!

  14. Happy Father’s Day, Steve! I thank God for your life, for using you to encourage us in our walk with the Lord and that He continues to use you to share the hope that we have in Christ. Your ministry has had a major positive impact on me learning how to truly walk with Christ daily! Thank you!
    Love the pictures of you and Teri.

  15. We are so thankful for your example as a godly, biblical father! Thank you for showing the Christian world that it CAN be done differently!!!

  16. Our family is so thankful for Steve and his ministry to encourage and exhort fathers and husbands. You have been such a blessing. The Lord is using you in a mighty way to impact families.

  17. What a nice message for Father’s Day from the children.

    I too, thought of my Father, who lies in consecrated ground, with his father and his brothers. We can trace our roots in faith back till the mid 1600’s in the German Pommermz. It is truly the faith of our fathers, that is living still in me and my children, and will be taught to their children.

    May you have traveling mercies on your trip to your conference.

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