Christina Mercy Maxwell

After a very hard labor, the doctor deemed it necessary to do an emergency C-section, and at 1:57 p.m. Christina Mercy entered the world. She was 9 pounds 6 ounces and doing fine. Melanie is “okay,” and we are praising God for His mercy and grace.

“He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?”

–Micah 6:8

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  1. I LOVE the name! I had a feeling they would use “Mercy” as the middle name and I thought they might use a “C” name. So now they have “A” (Abigail), “B” (Bethany), and “C” (Christina). We’ll be praying for Melanie’s quick recovery. SO HAPPY that the Christina is doing well! Congratulations!

  2. We’re lifting mama, baby and the whole family up in our prayers today. Our family is so grateful for everything the Maxwells do, so we’re extra happy that another wonderful granddaughter is born to do God’s work on earth.

  3. Whew! And big, 9 lb 6 oz., congratulations. She may turn out to be a chunk-er like her cousins. So happy for Nathan & Melanie. Looking forward to the 1st pictures. See you next week.

  4. Oh, how wonderful! Praying that Melanie recovers quickly, but it is a joy to hear the baby is a healthy 9 pounds 6 ounces- What a beautiful name, how did they decide on that, it is lovely.

    Thinking of you all.

  5. Congratulations, Nathan and Melanie, on another baby girl! Melanie, you are a trooper for going through both a hard labor AND a c-section. We will be praying for your recovery and strength in the coming weeks, and for the big sisters as they adjust to having a newborn at home.

  6. I’m hoping “okay” means as well as can be expected for having surgery. Glad the baby is here and healthy, Christina is a beautiful name.

  7. Oh, congragulations!! So excited for you all! 🙂 I will be praying for Melanie! Praise the Lord!!!!!

  8. Wow! Another little girl! I guess Nathan is going to be surrounded in pink for a little while longer!


  9. Congratulations! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

    Sondra J.

  10. Oh a sweet girl!!! Praise God both are healthy and we will be praying for Melanie during this unexpected time. The Lord is in control!!!
    We are currently expecting our 5th and I have had all c-sections, so it just all depends on each person uniquely!
    Can’t wait for pictures!

  11. Aww, poor Melanie. I do pray the Lord will give her new strength and healing. Praise the Lord for this new little one! Rejoicing with your family!

    God bless!

  12. Praising the Lord for this sweet little girl. They have been on my heart and in my prayers today. Cogratulations!


  13. A “C” name! 🙂 And I love Mercy….that was going to be the name of the last baby we lost.
    Praying all the more for Melanie. Daniel and the kiddos are gone to a workers bbq today, but I woke up really sick with a stomach bug, so I’ve had lot of time to think and pray for you all!

    Congratulations! PTL!!

  14. Congrats!!!! So happy to hear about baby Christina 🙂 Praying for Melanie’s recovery and healing.

  15. Congratulations to Nathan and Melanie. I hope Melanie recovers quickly. Being constantly pregnant with difficult pregnancies and raising little ones sure is hard on the body. Hope she can get a rest soon.

  16. Congratulations to Nathan and Melanie!
    I’m sorry that Melanie had to have the C-section, but thankful that baby Christina is here.
    Sometimes a C-section is necessary. Our firstborn was born via C-section and although it wasn’t the birth I had envisioned, I was very thankful for my healthy baby.
    I’m praising God for giving doctors the ability to perform C-sections and will continue to lift Melanie in prayer as she goes through the recovery process.
    I can’t wait to see pictures of baby Christina. Though I know that she will be beautiful. 🙂

  17. Praise the Lord for the Christina Mercy . . . and yes, especially for his mercy and grace. After 33 hours of hard labor the doctors found the same necessity for me. I am sure Melanie will recover well, she has support of a very loving husband and family. Unlike times past, she can still have a natural birth in the future – when the Lord blesses them again.
    We will be remembering everyone in prayer and will have Melanie on our church prayer list believing for that expedient recovery. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Christina when you are able to post them. I imagine Abigail and Bethany are excited to have a new little sister and what an adorable trio of sisters they will be.

  18. Welcome to this world, little Christina! We are all so happy to hear about your birth. Can’t wait to see your picture. 🙂

  19. We thank the Lord for the safe arrival of Christina Mercy and are happy to hear Melanie is doing okay. Let’s hope she is abe to get some much needed rest this evening.

    Congratulations to Nathan, the girls, and all the rest of the family.

  20. Praise God for His mercies!! I am so thrilled for all of you! How wonderful! My youngest daughter’s middle name is also Mercy–named because of our gratitude to the Lord for His mercy in giving us another child.
    I’ve had all c-sections (4). Not pleasant, but the recovery is worth it when you hold your precious baby.
    May God’s hand of blessings be abundantly upon Christina Mercy all her life!!
    David, Jill, Jordan, Aidan, Amara, and Tirzah

  21. Another girl – how wonderful! I am so glad to hear Christina Mercy is here safely, and that Melanie is doing fine.

  22. Well, I guess I my prediction on the gender was wrong! Congratulations on your new little girl! ! Sisters are so special – I am an only child and always hoped to have a sister. My mom has 6 sisters (she’s one of 9 total!) and she is so very close to them.

    I love the name Christina – it’s the name of my sister-in-law. Now, do I detect a conscious pattern in your girls’ names? Abigail, Bethany, and Christina – A, B, C? Or is it just a happy coincidence?

    Congratulations again!

  23. Great news! Congratulations to all of you, how exciting to have two new blessings born so close 🙂 And wow! Big baby! Love her name. May Melanie have a speedy recovery and all of you enjoy the little one!

  24. Congratulations!! What a beautiful name. What are the girls middle names, I have forgotten? I’m sure they are thrilled to have a new baby sister. If you didn’t know or remember today is the Duggar’s (josh & anna’s son) 1st b-day. Today is also my youngest baby (son) 10th b-day. Again congrats and can’t wait to see pics of the newest Maxwell blessing.
    Abigail Hope
    Bethany Faith
    Christina Mercy

  25. Yay! Congratulations, Nathan, Melanie, Abby, Bethany!!!! Praise God! Can’t wait to see her. God bless you all! Melanie, get some rest! I bet Abby and Bethany are sooo excited! Happy for you!

  26. I love the “A, B, C” names of the girls! We were wondering if Nathan and Melanie were planning on that. 🙂 Praise the Lord for His mercy during the pregnancy and delivery! We will continue to pray for Melanie as she recovers; I know C-sections are tough…


  27. Bless the Lord O my Soul…and all that is within me praise His Holy name!

    Congratulations on your ABCs !!

    much love to you all!

  28. Congratulations to all. I will pray that Melanie’s recovery goes OK. She’s fortunate she has so many that will be able to help out while she rests and recovers.

  29. Awww… so sweet to have another girl. We have five and love our houseful of girlies!

    Praying for Melanie as she recovers and also for her emotions and heart as she heals from a traumatic childbirth.

  30. Wonderful news!! I hope that shortly Melanie will be doing much better than “okay” and that Christina Mercy is doing well, too. I’m a bit uneasy that you didn’t say anything about her condition. Please reassure us or give us some guidance about how to pray.

    With much love to the entire family from Memphis,


  31. Welcome, Christina Mercy! Can’t wait to see photos! Praise God that she was a healthy full-term little girl and that the doctor had the wisdom to help Melanie deliver her the safest way possible (sorry Melanie had to endure the labor first, though — that’s got to be the WORST from a mama perspective!). Prayers for Melanie as she endures the healing, and that Christina and mama can get some rest after what sounds like a lot of effort and trauma. And congratulations to the family!!!! 🙂

  32. Congratulations! What wonderful news that the Lord has blessed yet again with another daughter! Joyful that Melanie and Christina are okay. God bless!

  33. Congratulations!!!! I am looking forward to seeing some cute baby pictures of Christina Mercy. I like the name you chose for her and yes, I noticed you picked a C name to go with Abigail and Bethany. (I’m sure I’m not the only one, but so far the other posters’ comments haven’t been approved yet.)

    I’m sorry to hear that Melanie had a rough time of it. I hope she’s feeling well now.

    Take care and God bless!

  34. I hope that no one is disappointed that Melanie needed a c-section. Sometimes, moms view a c-section as a failure. I definitely felt that way, until I remembered that what is most important is the health of the mom and baby. I’ll admit that the tone of your post is a bit alarming, but perhaps I am reading too much into it. With Joshua’s birth, there seemed to be a lot of levity and joy, but this post almost sounds sad. I truly hope that Melanie is okay. She seems like such a wonderful mom and a wonderful person, and I hope she bounces back from the c-section quickly.

  35. Another girl! 🙂 I’m glad mom and baby are doing well, and will keep Melanie in my prayers for a quick and full recovery! I’m also glad you all will be able to spend a few days with new grandbaby #2 before you have to leave. 🙂 Blessings!


  36. Praising God for the safe arrival of Christina Mercy! I will be praying for a good recovery for Melanie as well. We almost had C-sections with 2 of my labors and I am so grateful that was an option if needed for the safety of both the mother and baby. God bless them especially this evening.

  37. Praise God for a healthy baby and mama! We’ll pray for Melanie’s recovery and for your ABC’s:). Take heart, if the Lord blesses Melanie and Nathan with more babies, a cesarean isn’t mandatory. I have had four VBACs. Awaiting photos with a grateful heart.

    Kim C. & family

  38. Praising the Lord with you, Nathan & Melanie, for your new blessing from the Lord! She looks so very sweet; I can definitely see some of her Mama’s features. 🙂 May the Lord grant you sweet rest tonight after such hard work! We are continuing to pray for you, that the Lord will bless you with peace and a speedy recovery in the days to come.

    Jackie L. (and family)

  39. What a precious little girl. I will pray for Melanie as she recovers. I am thankful she has so much help with your family living close by. I know it can be a long recovery. All five of my living children were born by c-section.

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