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Life is flying by at a fast pace! We leave for Pennsylvania next Wednesday, and there is much to do between then and now. No baby news either.

House work is progressing; pictures below.

Hmmm. That was an awkward load.

Happy home owner.

Mary was doing a great job with cleaning up.

Work in progress.

Nathan, Melanie, and the girls came for a tour.

After the walls had been sanded, Anna was wiping them down.

Installing can lights.

Yes, that’s me: dust mask and all. I’ve been helping with sanding walls.

We did another photo session, but this time, Mommy and Baby shots, and family pictures.

Radiant as ever.


What a sweet family!


“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

–Isaiah 26:3

19 thoughts on “Random Pictures”

  1. Awesome baby and family pics. They are so precious! What a lovely family.

    The house is progressing rapidly!

    Praying for Melanie and baby

  2. Wow, you all are getting quite a lot done in Joseph’s house! 😀 Wonderful!

    Awww, the Anna Marie and Christopher and their new little one…precious. Absolutely beautiful pictures Sarah! 😀 Great job!

    Continuing to keep Melanie and baby in my prayers. I’m sure you all would love it if this little one would be born before you all leave for your next trip. 🙂

    God Bless,
    ~Miss Rachel~

  3. So happy for Joseph. Looking at the progress being made is really interesting!
    BUT…the pictures of the newest little Maxwell brought smiles to our faces and joy to our day!
    God bless you all!

  4. So exciting about the house…looking forward to seeing the transformation that the renovations will bring! Joshua is so sweet…lovely photos, lovely family!
    Pax Christi…

  5. Wow…what a wonderful opportunity to help out a family member prepare for the future. All the pictures you share look great. Thank you for thinking of all the blog followers with every post. For myself, I look forward to seeing a Maxwell update 🙂

    On a side note, just a question, in all the photo sessions done with the newest Maxwell member, I noticed that Anna-Marie always has a lovely outfit on. I am looking to add more pieces of clothing to my wardrobe, is there a particular piece she chose for the last photo session? Does she sew her own clothing pieces? If so, is there a pattern?

    Thank you,
    She is a very accomplished seamstress and sews much of her clothes. Often she modifies them so much, to give a pattern really wouldn’t help much.

  6. You guys are killing me with the remodeling projects!! Do you realize how much I have added to my project list for my own home just by reading here?? 🙂 My kids already think I can dream up more work than a 20-man crew can keep on top of! Wait until they see what I have in the works!!!!

    The photos of Joshua and Anna are just beautiful!!!!! She is such a pretty lady in pastel colors! Joshua has already changed from when he was born. I can honestly say I never felt more close to God than when I was watching my babies sleep…they expend so much energy just growing that you can almost see them change right in front of your eyes. Amazing!

    The house is looking great, and I am glad that Joseph is on the putting back part (at least with the can lights). The back does look better without the screened in porch although I am a huge porch fan…front, screened in, back…does not matter to me. Love them. Opening up the kitchen made a huge difference, and I am sure he will love it.

    Prayers for Melanie as she prepares for baby!!

    In Christ,


  7. It’s neat to see how the house is shaping up…and of course love the baby pictures! I bet you all are eager for Nathan and Melanie’s baby to arrive, but also glad that baby is taking his/her time and will arrive full term! An answer to prayer! 🙂 I look forward to seeing the house project after it’s completed. God bless all of you!


  8. I love watching the house shape up! Can’t wait to see the finished project. And I love the way your family works together, it’s so inspiring and sweet.

    Christopher and Anna Marie make such a beautiful couple and the addition of baby Joshua just seems to complete them. I am always struck by Anna Marie’s serene countenance. I can’t think of any other way to put it. She just always looks so peaceful and happy.

    I bet Melanie is ready to meet this new wee one. We are praying for their family and for a safe, easy delivery ending with a healthy mama and baby.

  9. Great work on the house! Love the pictures of Joshua and his mommy and daddy. So Melanie is almost 40 weeks.? Isn’t that wonderful!

  10. Wow! The house looks nice, it will look nicer when it’s complete! With all the dust and everything though, I don’t know if I could handle a project like that. Can’t wait to see it looking more like a home. It will be even nicer when the a/c is installed and working!

    Praying for Melanie and baby.

    I really like the pics of Christopher and Anna together with their son. They’re beautifully done. Beautifully precious.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  11. Love the house photos. It looks like the house is a traditional split-level? The kitchens are always so boxed-in so now it makes sense that you took out the wall between kitchen and dining room and I wonder why more people don’t do that? I guess it must be a support structure beam thing? Anyway, that makes a lot of difference for sure! The house is looking great!

    But of course, those photos of Baby Joshua and his mama and daddy are my favorites! Beautiful shots of all of them! I love the sepia photo of Anna Marie and Joshua. I hope she is finding motherhood as beautiful as she makes it look — she is just radiant! Sometimes those first few weeks and months can be tough. Sending prayers their way for sleep!

  12. It is really a blessing to see the family working together with energy and creativity! May God bless you efforts in building a future ministry center! Christopher, Anna and baby are a beautiful family, and the pictures reflect that wonderfully!

  13. Christopher looks so happy in the family shots. Getting married and having the baby has made him smile so much more.

    The ongoing project is going to be well documented. I hope that no one gets hurt or otherwise injured during it. Power tools are nice but they can be scary.

    Good journeys on your trip. I hope your bus has no troubles along the way, the weather cooperates and you have a good audience.

  14. Awesome pictures!
    The baby pictures are amazing. I always love babies- God’s gift. The last picture is my favorite.

  15. I thought of something this morning. When my husband and I built our house several years ago, we took pictures of all stages of construction and documented where all the wiring ran through the walls, the location of pipes, etc. It was very useful later when we wanted to put in a pass-thru between the kitchen and living room; all we had to do was consult the pictures to know where the wiring was and to avoid cutting anything important. When we sold the house, we put the pictures on a CD and gave them to the new owners so they would know where things were as well. You are documenting this build pretty thoroughly, I just wanted to mention that the pictures can come in handy later! 🙂
    Thank you. We have found that true as well.

  16. Dear Maxwell’s,

    God has given you so many new things to rejoice in, hasn’t He?! A new baby, a new house, and another new little one arriving today it looks like! Truly He “gives us all things richly to enjoy!” Thank you for allowing us to share in your joy through pictures! The house project is so inspiring, and the baby/family pictures…..well they melt our hearts. We rejoice in the finished work of Jesus on the cross that has made all of this possible. Praise Him!

    See you next weekend!

    With love from New Jersery

    The K Family
    Amen and amen. See you next weekend!

  17. The baby pictures are great! I think Joshua looks like his mommy and Christopher looks like a very happy dad.

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