Guess What?

“Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!”

–Psalms 31:19

57 thoughts on “Guess What?”

  1. If that’s Joseph or John I would say buying a house or starting a business or maybe even a college application. If its Jesse I would say college app or drivers license or even a business. Otherwise I have no idea. But must be something really good.
    Congratulations on the new babies.

  2. Well, when you buy a house, the stack of paperwork is usually about 10 times that high, so I’m guessing maybe an exciting job contract? Do tell! So many wonderful things going on in your family right now!

  3. We’re not sure……..there have been some pretty good ideas put forwards already as to what it might be……looking forwards like everyone one else is to find out what it is 🙂

  4. Analyzing the picture…..

    It looks like he is in an office of some type

    His wallet is on the table

    He looks very serious with a hint of excitment

    Noting the scripture, whatever it is must be big since God’s in it!

    I’m guessing he purchasing his first car with cash…….or buying a house (or a piece of property) or……..I really don’t know.

    Please tell I can’t sleep! 😀

  5. Perhaps Melanie’s baby has been born and he’s concocting a really special way is sharing the news. But I think it’s more likely that it is paperwork for a major purchase, maybe a house.

  6. I’m thinking house, too. There is a bit of a stack of papers off to the side, so maybe that is the final page of the document. At any rate, he appears to be entering into the decision prayerfully, soberly, and confidently. Praise the Lord for a man to follow after Him!

  7. I just have to ask – is that a picture of a window behind Joseph? Congrats on the house though!
    I remember it being a print of Washington DC. There happened to be a ceiling light reflecting on it.

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