27 thoughts on “A Family’s Joy”

  1. What a lovely picture. Thank you again for sharing your family with us. We do so enjoy it.

    Many Blessings,
    Sondra J.

  2. Lovely photos. Will Anna’s family be coming to meet their new grandson soon? I am sure they will fall in love with him as your family did.
    Yes, soon.

  3. I love the design you made, and the photos, too. I would like to do that for each of our children 🙂

  4. Absolutely beautiful! We are so very happy for y’all and the Hamilton’s! I am sure they are beyond elated as sweet Joshua is their first grandchild/nephew. Such an exciting time for everyone!!!

    Praying for Melanie as she prepares to welcome another sweet blessing into such a wonderful, God-fearing family!!

    May the Lord continue to bless y’all!

  5. Oh! Wow! That’s beautiful. That’s neat. Your family’s application to photography has served you well. Thanks for sharing pictures of him with extended family. I hope Anna Marie’s family can meet him in person soon.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  6. Oh my!!! 🙂 Seeing this brings tears to my eyes….what a sweet idea to show all the family with the newest Maxwell Blessing from the Lord. Continued prayers for all of you as you welcome little Joshua and anticipate Melanie and Nathan’s Blessing. Love, Patti M.

  7. I am truly overjoyed for your family. Yall are such a godly example and encouragement to my family.

  8. Congratulations! We are praying for the safe arrival of the next little Maxwell.

  9. Just beautiful. You all bless the rest of us so much, I love seeing how the Lord is blessing you.

  10. Beautiful :)Your family is such an encouragement to my family. Thank you so much for your post.

  11. How very, very exciting to have a new baby in your midst!!! We’re so thrilled for Christopher and Anna Marie and all of the family!!!! Enjoy these precious baby days!!!!
    With love, Sarah

  12. So precious! What a joy you all are to us. Praising Jesus from Whom all blessings flow.

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. Thank you for offering encouragement to so many. Thank you for loving Jesus and serving Him.

    Congratulations! =) May He continue to bless you.

    In Christ,
    M Family

  13. What a beautiful family. Thank you for allowing us a peek into your lives. What a blessing you have given your readers.

  14. Awesome idea! 🙂 Everyone loks so happy! Can’t wait to “meet” Melanie’s baby! 🙂

  15. We love the family picture with the newest member! How creative and beautiful! We rejoice with you in God’s blessing of your family and look forward to the new baby on the way as well.

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the end of this month.

    With love and prayers from NJ

    The K Family

  16. A wonderous thing – to see this beautiful baby surrounded by love and valued as God’s gift. Truly precious.

  17. Yay!!! May God bless you richly. So happy for you all! Please would your family pray for our new nephew, “E” who was born premie last week and is in NICU.

    We are praying!

  18. What an amazing picture! I love the way each of you were shown holding precious Joshua. Thanks for the pictures, I love them!


  19. Thank you for praying for baby Emmit. I think he is doing better and is home now. He had quite a rough week last week, as he was born 5 weeks early. Thank you so much for praying! We continue to pray for his strength to increase. He is small; but seems to be stable and we are grateful for that!!! Thanks again!

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