School Time

Mary is working through the summer on school, not because she’s behind, but she’s ahead on her academics and working to graduate early.

Sorry, friends. No baby news. I can’t even report either Mommy being in active labor. Anna Marie has contractions off and on but nothing major.


“For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.”

–Proverbs 2:6

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  1. Very dedicated!!! Mary, you will be so glad that you worked ahead and finished early! I am very proud of you!

    I am currently praying about the Lord’s direction on homeschooling my two. Given that I have to work during the day, it would be done during the evenings and on weekends. I am very scared that this is not adequate to do the job thoroughly.

    Still praying for the mommas and babies. And, I just noticed how much Mary looks like Joseph. Wow! Such a beautiful young lady…

    In Christ,


  2. I have had 7 babies with the last 6 of them being delivered naturally without any medical interventions. I ALWAYS went late. I had 3 that were over 40 weeks and the other 4 over 41 weeks. My midwife said that most people that go naturally do tend to go past the 40 week mark. With me always going late, they say then “that’s right on time for me.” I also had the opportunity to have water births with my last two. It was great!

    I really had a feeling that Anna Marie would go about 2 weeks late and that Melanie would go early (as she has in the past) therefore thinking they would deliver within a day or so of each other. So I guess we’ll find out soon if my first thoughts were right or not. 🙂

    Praying for both mommies and babies.

  3. I have just completed my first year of no home teaching after many years of schooling at home. New phases, new adventures, new things to learn! How exciting for you, Mary.

    I’m sending the waiting mothers a smile and a hug.


  4. Congratulations to Mary and to Teri, too! That will be an accomplishment for both ladies. Lots of hard work over the years.

    And thanks for the baby update. You know so many of us are following along — can’t help it, we love babies! I hope Anna Marie is comfortable and just enjoying the last days of her pregnancy. Like I said before, “due dates” are really just nebulous. Babies come when they’re ready!

  5. You must feel under the gun knowing we are all checking daily to see if any babies have arrived. :o) I am just happy to see Melanie feeling good and able to happily anticipate this birth, rather than worrying. She deserves an easy time. Anna Marie looks so calm and sweet in her pictures, you get the feeling that she is just happily waiting for God and baby to decide when the big day will be.

    Congratulations to Mary! She shows so much dedication and responsibility for someone her age. Your parents are truly people who practice what they preach in the way they have brought all of you up, educated you, and brought you along your walk with the Lord.

    Prayers for Anna Marie, Melanie — and Mary as she looks ahead.

  6. That’s good that Mary wants to graduate early. Way to go. This would end a very long stretch of homeschooling for Mrs. Maxwell. What will you do with the extra time! :). I hope that I can continue to be a good teacher all the way through high school. I would be interested in knowing what electives your high schoolers have chosen. Obviously computer knowledge but what else.

    I too am waiting for baby news.

    Oh, and I also submitted a request for the Board of our Homeschool Organization to consider hosting one of your conferences in the fall. We’ll see how they react to my request.

  7. What joy to be homeschooling Mary. She truly is a beautiful young woman in many ways! I love the purity of all the children!!! Homeschooling one and waiting on grand babies…. the abundant life with Christ is so sweet.

    Last night, I was laying in bed about to fall asleep when all of a sudden a reality hit me and I woke my husband to share my discovery. When our oldest graduates from high school, the following year our gift in the womb will be starting Kindergarten. My husband was up for the next hour his mind going 🙂 Personally, my mind was drifting into pleasant thoughts of teaching a little one again when my other children will be just about all grown. Again, the abundant life with Christ that takes the sweetest of turns we never would have imagined on our own.

    May this time with Mary be precious!

  8. I had to comment again on the due dates! I was over 2 weeks late with my first, which is not very unusual at all. It’s just that many doctors now want to induce if you are “late”. But that little baby will really be “right on time” — his time! (or hers) I’m waiting and praying with the rest of them…

  9. Go, Mary. Can’t wait to see your graduation celebration when it does happen. I will pray for you. Excited to see what the Lord has in store for you in life after you finish school.

    Hard to patient, especially when you’re excited about things (particularly for me!). Can’t wait to meet Baby Maxwell and Baby Maxwell. The Lord is in control.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  10. Oh! Sarah, how are the Moody book projects coming along? Been praying for you and thinking of you in that regard.

  11. Good job, Mary! (and Teri too) 🙂 Such a precious picture of the two of you. ~ Continued prayers for Anna Marie, Melanie, and Babies. Love, Patti M.

  12. You’ll be so blessed to have graduated early, Mary – one less concern to take thoughts away while trying to witness and minister to others. 🙂

    God bless and praying for you all!

  13. It is wonderful that Mary is showing the initiative to work ahead so she can graduate early! Congrats!

    Thanks for the update on both Baby Maxwell’s. Both mama’s are beautiful and look so happy. I am thankful that Anna Marie has had a good pregnancy and am so thankful that Melanie’s pregnancy is doing well also! I am praising the Lord that Melanie is able to be on normal activity and be full-term. What a blessing!

    Looking forward to the baby news – praying for safe deliveries and healthy babies.

    Thank you, Maxwell Family, for the example and blessing you are to our family. I praise the Lord often for sending you and your materials into our lives. May He continue to bless you!

  14. I love your top Mary!

    If the baby comes this weekend then it will have to be named jubilee for The queen of England’s jubilee!!!

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