Joseph’s Birthday in Pictures

The morning began with Nathan, Joseph, John, and Jesse lifting weights. They decided to do a team workout. In honor of Joseph’s 23rd birthday, as a cumulative total, they lifted 23,000 pounds. (Cumulative total means you add the amount of weight each person lifts multiplied by the number of times they lifted it above their head. Then you add everyone’s subtotal together to get the cumulative total.) I didn’t get pictures on his birthday of the workout, but I took some Wednesday.

Then, we had morning Bible time, which was wonderful. At 8:15, we did a family breakfast of pancakes (thanks, Anna!). I decorated the door earlier, with a “Happy Birthday, Joseph” and a Scripture verse. I also put strawberry fruit leathers in the shape of the numbers “23”.

Yes, Joseph is really sitting on a stability ball. Some in our family have begun using them for chairs. Do your own research. It’s actually good for your back.

Mom had a full day, so she worked on meatballs in the morning.

Joseph was at a place in his work he could take it a little easier on Tuesday, so he and Dad went on errands mid-morning. They stopped at Starbucks, and Joseph enjoyed a mocha.

Anna has been helping Melanie out in the mornings, so the little girls showed up at our house when Anna was on a walk with them. A and B love guinea pigs.

Okay, so the guys do rope climbs. I don’t know all the logistics of it, but I do know they carry out a rope, and attach it to something in a tree, and then they climb it. Tough stuff! They wanted to make sure they had a chance to climb before lunch.

Joseph worked all afternoon, so you can reference the third picture from the top for a refresher.

Chocolate frozen custard was made for part of his dessert.

On Monday afternoon, Anna and Mary helped the little girls make signs for Uncle Joseph’s birthday.

So, here are pictures from Monday’s sign-making party.

Okay, Bethany didn’t draw that picture. That was Mary’s handiwork.

The girls and Mom did a lot of meal preparation.

We had a great family party, including GiGi and Grandad. We did miss Christopher and Anna Marie, who had gone to Arkansas for a few days.
Swedish meatballs over rice and noodles.

Brownies with fudge sauce and chocolate custard for dessert: Joseph’s choice.

Having little ones around again, spot-sweeping is necessary for some meals. It’s all great!

Grandpa reading to Bethie.

After dinner and dessert, we had family Bible time.

Joseph received one major present, a group gift, which was a special set of headphones.

Pardon Abigail’s shirt. Yes, it’s big, but the chocolate dessert attacked her white shirt, so we had to find an alternative. Uncle Joseph is looking at her card she made him.


“… for he was a faithful man, and feared God above many.”

–Nehemiah 7:2

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  1. Bose headphones are fabulous!!!! Paul has a pair, and he loves them. Tell Joseph, he also recommends their earbuds if he uses them at all.

    Mary’s illustrations are so pretty. I do well to draw a stick figure, but both of my children draw, and it is truly amazing to see what they come up with.

    Happy belated birthday to Joseph. From the pictures, he had a wonderful day. It also looks like you all had a blast showering him and loving on him too!
    The headphones are sound canceling. With the three guys having their offices very close together it can be quite distracting if you need to concentrate. They have greatly helped him.

  2. Those headphones are awesome and I know he will enjoy them. Enjoyed seeing you all and happy birthday to Joseph.

  3. Hey! Very cool rope climbing. Is that a part of your regular workouts or just for fun? I definitely want a demonstration when I come. I’d love to try, but wouldn’t need a spotter since I’d only go up about 2 inches. Hey, maybe I could just hang on and you could hoist me up. 🙂 Hmmm… mocha, chocolate custard and brownies with fudge sauce… now that is what I call a desert. Chocolate celebration. YES!!
    Love you all,
    Aunt Tami
    That is a bonus to their workout. They like it.

  4. What a delightful birthday Joseph had. Ypu are all so good to make birthdays so special in your family–I always enjoy reading about each one and seeing all the pictures. Joseph’s birthday dinner looks delicious and I am thinking I need to add that to our next weeks menu and shopping list. Swedish meatballs are a favorite of ours. It is so good to see Melaine at the table, and she looks absolutely glowing. We are keeping her in prayer. I hope we can see a picture of Anna Marie soon as I am sure she is equally glowing in motherhood. Babies are such a blessing.

    Mr. Phil has those Bose headphones and loves them. He has a pair for his office, and a pair that he uses on this ipod which he especially enjoys when sitting on a plane listening to music and not having to hear everything around him. I hope Joseph will enjoy his as much.

    What ice cream machine do you use? Must you freeze the base before using it? We have one but I am in the market for one that does not need to be frozen first.

    Be in good health,
    Blessings, Mrs. Mari
    It is a Cuisinart and does require you to freeze the bowl prior to using it. So you wouldn’t want this one.

  5. I want the recipe for the meatballs! My mom used to make them but she has Alzheimers now and I can’t seem to find her recipe, but they looked just like that — yum! Any chance Teri can share the recipe?

    Looks like you all had a great day. That dessert looks fabulous, too.
    It’s very busy for the next week, but we should be able to.

  6. Looks like a fun, fulfilling birthday celebration. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the little girls making posters. That’s my favorite dress on Abby.

    That noodle, meatball combination is one of my favorite dishes! I love it when Mom makes it! It’s so good.

    Have a blessed week.

    Rebecca K.

  7. I’d also love the recipe for the frozen chocolate custard! I have the same ice cream machine, and haven’t gotten around to using it lately…sounds delicious!

    What a wonderful birthday! God bless your family!
    Mrs. W
    It doesn’t use sugar so for most who are accustomed to sugar, it wouldn’t have the same appeal. We’ll see.

  8. Hey

    What a blessed birthday Joseph had.

    Wow what a home gym! Have the boys ever thought of entering an iron man or bodybuilding contest?

    Would be great to see a blog on their workout routine, with pictures for demonstration purposes, as my boys could do with some tips.

    Bill and Jean
    Their desire is to be fit and in good health, all the while keeping it in perspective. “For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.” (1 Timothy 4:8) We tried for a while a family fitness blog, but there wasn’t much interest so we couldn’t justify the time it took to keep it updated.

  9. Hi and a belated Happy Birthday Joseph!

    I notice that for your of your birthday treats you visited a Starbucks.
    I just adore their coffees, as there is a branch just around the corner. I do find one of their mocha or an expressos really gives me a pick up to start the day. Must be careful, not to get addicted!

    I love how your two niece’s where sat next to you at the head of the table for your birthday meal. you must be a great Uncle.

    Happy Birthday again.


    No problem with addiction – decaf!

  10. Looks like a very nice birthday Joseph had. We are also fans of Bose headphones. They come in handy alot. We are also fans of that chocolate brownie!! What we don’t have is family to hang out at home with so I always love seeing your pictures of everyone together. You all are very blessed.
    Yes, we are blessed. It doesn’t mean you aren’t, I’m sure just in different ways.

  11. It was mentioned that Sarah used fruit leathers to spell out “23” — do you make your own? I am just starting and have made 3 batches (uh, the first one wasn’t so great, but I’m learning!). I just wondered if you make them, too?
    These were store-bought.

  12. Well Happy Birthday to Joseph! It looks like you all had a wonderful day♥

    My 13yo son, Noah, is very very interested in the rope climbing! I am wondering if you could share some more information on this? We have a huge maple in our yard that is just asking to be climbed;)
    Even though it is a good strengthening exercise, rope climbing is actually something that I would recommend younger people avoid (not that they are not capable, but it does carry some risk).

  13. What a very nice family celebration! My oldest daughter is Joseph’s age. It was nice seeing pictures of his day.

  14. Thank you for posting the pictures. It was fun to see Joseph’s birthday in pictures. I am “jealous” of your kitchen (not really, thrilled for you). It is exactly the kind of kitchen I hope to have if we ever build our dream home. Meanwhile, I am thankful for the kitchen we have that adequately meets our needs.
    We are so grateful for this house. If we hadn’t built it, we never could have afforded it. Frankly, we were very, very happy with our previous house, we just had outgrown the corner of the basement where the ministry was and we had no other options. Room in the basement here is the sole purpose for this house.

  15. A love for guniea pigs..yet another thing our family has in common with the Maxwells’! ; ) Happy late Birthday Joseph!

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