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Sorry for the silence. We are all doing well as we stay busy with different things the Lord has given us. I, Sarah, am in the middle of a Moody project. No, it’s not Spring Days just yet. It’s nothing too exciting for most of you, but I’ll tell you all about it in May.

The Lord continually sends me encouragement for keeping on with the Moodys. It sometimes brings tears to my eyes as I read how the Lord Jesus is using the Moodys in families’ lives: ways I never would have dreamed of. If I ever doubt why the right guy hasn’t come yet, the Lord gently reminds me of how He has used me for the Moodys at the moment. So, whether Mr. Right is just around the corner, or not for another year or two, I’ll continue on!

There were a few that seemed to think I was depressed or sad from my above paragraph. Ummmm. In that case, a huge clarification is in order. I’m not in the slightest. I’m extremely happy and enjoying the life the Lord Jesus has given me. I know that marriage is not the beginning (nor the end!) in life, and my joy and delight are in serving the Lord! In addition, not everyone gets married or gets married young. Hope that helps clarify. Sarah

Cute Bethany.

Dinner one night. Yum.

I was working in the bus on my Moody project, and I saw John and Anna bringing the little girls home. I thought little Bethany was precious next to John.

A picnic with Grandma.

Last night, we had a termite swarm: INSIDE the house. They had swarmed into the sewing room, kitchen, and dining room, and were trying to make their escape out of the house. We began our plan of action with vacuuming them up while bug spray was procured. The above picture was only after they had been sprayed in the garage. I didn’t get my camera out when they were swarming.

I’ll leave you with these verses. All of us have opportunities to “count it all joy.” I think we often don’t view a trial or discouraging time or a patience tester as “joy” but James says to. So, may we all take advantage of those times and learn, along with James, to “count it all joy.”

“My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” (James 1:2-4).


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  1. I never seen a termite before but that is little bit scary for wood foundation and etc. We have carpenter ants here at nj and it scares me. I am not a fan of certain insects.

    I can’t wait to hear the news!

    Mr. Right comes when you least expected. No one would had guess where I met my husband.

  2. Nice to see you all helping out with the little girls. Nice to know what’s going on with you all. Termites! True-to-life termites? TERMITES!!! Yuck! I hope they’re gone by now!

    Yes, Bethany is definitely developing her big sister’s “funny faces”.

    Hope all things go well with the Moodys. Lord willing, Mr. Right will come, but only in HIS time.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  3. Sarah,

    I love reading how you are content to wait for God to bring your husband to you in his timing and in his will. When and if God blesses us with a daughter I hope she will have the same patience.

  4. Termites would give me the heebie jeebies, hope they are gone for good.

    Sarah, you are such a nice person. Mr. Right has to be somewhere, hope he steps forth soon. You have a great attitude. It is so important not to give in to bitterness or disappointment, it ages a person and isn’t good for your health. You can continue to write your Moody books even after you’re married.

    How close are you to Overland Park, KS?
    Leavenworth is about a half hour or so away from OP.

  5. Thanks Sarah. That is the verse I have been meditating on at the moment too! Especially in the middle of the night up with my 10th baby who finds sleeping challenging because of a medical issue. We must keep on find our joy in the Lord and persevere knowing that he is doing his work in us for his glory.

  6. Looks like you all are having some lovely Spring weather! And a big “blech!” on the termites — there is nothing quite like being surprised by something like that, but I guess they are experiencing the Spring weather, too! The girls are so cute having a picnic (love Abigail’s sunglasses!). Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  7. Sarah, thank you for this. I have been having a rough week and I really needed to hear “Count it all joy”. My grandfather was a minister and he used to say that the easiest part of being a Christian was letting God make your decisions…but that’s also the hardest part of being a Christian. Sometimes I need to be reminded of that.

    Blessings to you and your family.


  8. Your Mr. Right will come along in time. But, I personally know how hard patience is to cultivate, but I can promise you that it will be worth in in the long run. I rushed and did not listen to the Lord when I married, so that patience comes easier for me in this regard, but the cost is not worth it. It is much easier to learn it in the beginning than to have to pick it up on the backend. If there is one thing I hope your readers learn, it is that the Lords timing is perfect, and blessings come from waiting on his time. The time you spend now with your family, helping Melanie, helping care for Abby and Bethany, taking care of the business end of your family’s ministry, and the countless things you do for your family’s various business entities is just the beginning of what God has planned for you. Just know that as your friend and sister in Christ, I love you dearly and am praying for God’s best for you!


  9. How horrid termites are 🙁

    Sorry to see the mess they have caused. At least there are lots of you to help clean up.

    Blessings for your clean up

    love Jana

  10. A Moody project. Hmm! Oh the Suspense.

    My Mother was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and my daughter reminded me that the Moody children’s Grandmother had also been in the hospital. We love the Moody’s.

  11. It is sometimes so hard to be older and single. Especially when everyone around seems to be having babies! I pray that I can accept God’s timing and path for me rather than trying to rush and control everything. God has a perfect plan for me! After all, He knows best!

    Interested to see what your new project is!

    I have never seen a termite but as I hate creepy crawlies I figure I would scream and run away!

  12. Sarah,
    You and your family have been a great blessing to me over the years-10 years!
    You are such a delightful young lady and the love of the Lord simply radiates from you and your lovely smile. The Lord always seems to guide me to your website at exactly the right time for encouragement (sometimes I didn’t even realize I needed it until after I read a post or am reminded of a great resource from your bookstore that I already own!) So, stay encouraged and thank you!

  13. Thank you for this update, Sarah. I continue keeping you and all the Maxwells in my prayers. ~ How timely for me that you mentioned James reminding us to “count it all joy”. 🙂 My precious father-in-law went to be with his Lord and Savior a few days ago and we had his funeral this morning. Although we grieve and feel sad because we’ll miss him here on earth, we have JOY at knowing he is no longer suffering and is in Heaven–where he’s looked forward to going for a long time. ~ Love, Patti M.

  14. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve been in two minds whether to say this, but I have had no peace about not saying it. So here goes:

    Well, two things really.

    First: Keep praying for your Mr Right – not that he’ll arrive, but that God will grow him in character.

    Second: Never doubt that God’s plans are better than the ones we would make without Him (Jer 29:11 ‘”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”‘ (NIV)).

    The waiting is hard, but you are storing up future treasure – and I suspect that it’s not just Heavenly treasure in your case, because of the way in which God is already using your writing.

    Love and prayers,

  15. Sarah, I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I love your Moody books and look forward to the next one. We are a couple of “older” readers, I am 52 and my daughter is 16! I plan to save the books for any future grandchildren, Lord willing, or any other children that I know will enjoy the books just as much as we have.

    In Christ,

  16. I remember wondering when I turned 30 if there would ever be a Mr. Right for me. God heard my prayer and 8 years later, blessed me with a wonderful husband. We now have two precious children; the first was born when I was almost 40 and the second when I was 44.

  17. Sarah, you seem like such a nice, kind-hearted girl (and you’re so pretty, too!), and I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic wife and mother someday. I hope you meet an amazing guy soon, a guy who will make you as happy as you’ll undoubtedly make him and your future children. 🙂 Will you continue to write the Moody books if/when you get married?

    Take care,

    Regarding more Moody books, as the Lord leads.

  18. Dear Sarah
    I do believe that the Lord works all things for good. If He has not sent you Mr Right yet then there are benefits to be found in that situation. I have only been blessed with one child and have often wished for more but when I think of it there are a lot of good things to be found about having only one child.
    When I first met my husband I was only 17 and I have changed a lot since then (19 years ago!) A lot of the struggles we have had in our marriage probably come due to the mistakes I made through being so young and inexperienced in life. Also a lot of the mistakes I made with our daughter probably were due to immaturity on my part.
    I know God can work my mistakes round into His good plan for our family but maybe he is blessing you by letting you skip those problems. If you do marry you will be more mature and more able to have a happy marriage and be a good mother. Of course we never know what may be in store for us but we can trust that the Lord can turn our problems into blessings.

  19. hi Miss Sarah! hope you are well and so is your family!! I’ve been praying for Melanie and Anna-Marie! how are they both doing?
    thx so much for the post, i REALLY enjoy looking at them all!!
    ya’ll are a HUGE encouragement to me and my younger sisters, (and boy, do i need it, i have five of them!)
    anyway, are you planning on writing more Moody books?? i really hope so!!
    thanks again for the post, and hope God has been doing good deeds for you guys!!
    Belle, (a.k.a isabelle!)
    God is there for you when you need Him.
    Melanie and Anna Marie are both doing well. Thanks for asking. Yes, Lord
    willing, I plan to start on Spring Days very soon. It is my desire to be an
    encouragement through the Moody books!

    Only for Jesus,

  20. Wow, a Moody Project. I am curious.
    It must be wonderful to be fulfilling a dream in writing. I desire to write christian based pre-teen novels and be published. I am working on my first one right now, I understand about the time it takes to work on one (I have five children still at home, too).
    We love the Moody family. My 12 year old asked me if the Moody’s were real, that’s how real life they are to her. She wants to met them. I asked her if she does things like the Moody girls do. She said all the time. Then met the Moody family, you live with them. She smiled and liked that answer. Thank you “Moody” Family for helping my children choose the right.
    Have a good day, can’t wait to hear your Moody Project News in May!
    Bless you Samantha. I’m sure the Lord will use your talents in the future. Your answer to your sister was appropriate and clever.
    God bless.

  21. Sarah, the very fact that you stand patiently where the Lord has you reflects your joyful trust and love for the Lord and His plans for you.

  22. Thank you for your encouragement through the Moody books. So many of us are thankful for how the Lord has been using you. You are a blessing to us.

  23. Sarah,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share online about your family. As I patiently wait to have my own children, I am learning many things from your family’s website, you guys have a great treasure of wisdom and knowledge and life experience that is so valuable, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. what a blessing you are.


  24. It can be hard living at home and being what the world considers “an older unmarried woman”. I lived at home until I was 28 and then got married. I did attend college in the meantime, stayed involved in my churc, served in various ways and did meet a godly wonderful man. We now have six children.

    If God gave you the desire to be a wife and mother, then He has the right person who will come at the right time. It can be hard if thoughts wander to things like “I’m such and such age and my childbearing years would be this many…” Those thoughts must be cast down. In my situation years ago, I prayed and just began thanking God for the husband I knew He had for me. I refused the negative talk. I did as the bible said and “called those things that be not as though they were”. I began to thank God for my husband and future children and thanking Him for motherhood.

    You are wise to think the right thoughts. Follow that up with speaking into existence the desire He has put in your heart. He has a plan and a man for you. Meanwhile, just do the right thing for each day.

    I know your family may not agree on the college degree part, but I just shared that because that, with my parent’s blessing, was the plan God had for me. My degree has been of great help to me even though I am a stay at home mom.

    God bless you, Sarah, as you hear God’s voice for yourself and walk out His plan.

  25. just droping a hello and se how everyone was doing? The weather has been crazy,but I hope it warms up soon,so I can hoe in my garden,we got radishes,corn,onions,peas,beans,potatoes and the carrots are not comming up yet,other wise we are doing okay Hope to hear from you soon

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