The Report

To start the post out, we’ll show you pictures of Abby and Bethany in the bus Wednesday about lunch time. They were hiding things in their Daddy’s bunk.

See her joy?!

Thursday early afternoon, Nathan arrived at the bus after an uneventful flight, followed by a shuttle ride direct to Uriah. We were excited to have him join us! The purpose of his coming was to share about ITonRamp with those at the conference, as well as to be on a panel. We set up Thursday afternoon, and families began to register by middle to late afternoon. We girls were especially grateful for a sweet couple's help in setting up our book tables, as we were tight on time.

Friday morning was relaxed, since the vendor hall didn’t open until 10 a.m. So, there was plenty of time for getting ready for the day. We met a fair number of new families in addition to seeing quite a few familiar faces. I had wondered who we would “run into” that we knew, and I was surprised and delighted with the families we came across that we hadn’t seen for quite some time.

Anna talking to some young ladies before a session.
Praying before Dad's session.
A little guy in the back of Dad's Preparing Sons session.
A young man taking notes during Dad's session.
Christopher photographed Jonathan Lewis (of Homeschool Enrichment Magazine) and his wife, Linnea, wedding last year.
The panel Dad was on.

Friday evening, at 9, there was a dessert social. It was a great time to fellowship with others, and there was untold numbers to choose from to chat with :-).

Nathan talking to the father of an ITonRamp student.

Saturday morning, while Mom's Chores session was running for ladies, the guys were on a panel called Young Entrepreneurs. They were able to share their experiences in an informal setting.

The guys' panel.

Jesse and Joseph making sure things were ready for Mom's session Saturday afternoon.

Mom’s sessions went well on Saturday. It is her delight to encourage ladies in managing their most precious resource: time, which can easily be squandered. She also enjoyed sharing about the importance of chores and how they facilitate the entrepreneur-minded family. Whenever Mom was at the booth, there seemed to be someone who wanted to talk with her :-). The same applied to Dad!

Nathan with a friend.

Each one of us had so many conversations with many different people, and it was all a blessing. We delight in being able to travel as a family and share, and Chicago was another joy.


“For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now” (Philippians 1:5).

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  1. Glad things went so well for you. Saturday, we attended the St. Louis Area Believer’s conference. It was great! The theme was “God’s Word Stands Forever”. The speakers were wonderful, and the fellowship sweet. I was praying for you guys.

    That was sweet of Abby and Bethany to bless their daddy.

    Looks like you and Anna decided to do something different with your hair, Sarah!

    I don’t know what the weather is like right now for you, but here it feels like summer. I’m not ready for that, but Dad says that winter isn’t over yet.

    Praying for you in getting your thoughts together and everything for Spring Days.

    God bless! Rebecca K.
    Mary asked to try something different for Sarah and Anna’s hair.

  2. For Nathan to get to be able to meet parents of his students face-to-face is truly wonderful. As a homeschooling parent who also teaches online classes such as Nathan or a teacher in a public/private school, one of the best things is to get feedback from parents and see how what you are doing is leading that student upward. Parent/teacher conferences were my favorites when I was teaching for that exact reason…you get to reach the student on a personal level. Praise God for giving Nathan this opportunity.

    Also, when did those baby girls get so big?? Cute, cute, cute! I love you hair curled, and I am very grateful you all were able to make it home without weather or maintenance issues.

    In Christ,


  3. Looks to be a wonderful conference. I can only imagine the blessing you had being back on the road together as a family. You mention that Christopher taking a picture–did he and Anna Marie join the tour too?

    The new hair styles look so good on both of you. The really nice thing about hair is that you change it day-to-day and if you care for the way it looks, you can change within minutes to something else. Such a blessing to have sisters to help with hair syling. When I am attending a Jane Austin event and need to be dressed in Regency attire I always have to make a hair appointment to have my hair styled in correct Regency style so I look historically correct. I so wish I could do this myself. Again, the new hair styles look great.

    I would love to sit in on the Young Entrepreneurs workshop and hear all about it from the POV of young men. Your boys are so successful in creating their employment. I take it that your family/boys were not the only ones on the panel as I didn’t recognize the young man sitting on the end next to Nathan. Also, was Steveserving as a facilitator or speaking as part of the panel?

    I so enjoy hearing all about your conferences and hope the Lord leads more to you.

    –Blessings, Mrs. Mari
    Christopher had taken their wedding picture. He didn’t travel with us on this trip.

    Steve was a panel member as well.

  4. Thanks for sharing the conference. So many smiles! This is very inspiring. I am glad it all went well for you all.

    In Jesus,

  5. From the pictures it looks like it was a great conference. I like the panel idea . . . Fathers & Sons . . . it is so vital that men of God continue to raise men of God for spiritual leadership in the family. Also equally important is the role of a mother, and I would say that there is so much competition for our time out there that we must stay focused and pray – being directed, scheduled and determined to serve our family and accomplish things that the Lord would have us accomplish. There are great opportunities out there – but if it isn’t what God has planned for us – well we miss it don’t we.

    I am so glad Nathan was able to go and represent ITonRamp – it is one of the best ways to take courses I have ever experienced.

    Sounds like overall the conference held a lot of opportunity to minister and share . . . an answer to prayers.

    Thanks for Sharing!

  6. I am praying for a DFW area conference so that I will be able to meet you all. I have questions for each of the girls. It is amazing how God chooses you all for his glorification. I would like to have the opportunity to be used in that way.
    God Bless,

  7. Maybe some folks are reading this blog for the first time after the conference. This post is for you, friends. The LORD worked in our hearts through the Maxwell’s ministry and He saved our family from certain suffering, and opened up the door for blessing. Their resources helped us tremendously. May the Lord bless you all like He did through the Maxwell’s ministry.
    Bless you guys. God is so merciful isn’t He?

  8. Who is the young man playing the violin? Doesn’t quite look like a Maxwell.
    We don’t know him. Just someone playing.

  9. hi Maxwell family!!! hope all is well with you guys!!!!
    i can tell you had alot of fun at ya’lls conference! i hope you can come to where i live (TX) and do a conference here!!!
    ya’ll are such a good influence to me and my family! we’ve followed you guys by your blog, and now we are more than a family then before!!

    im soooo glad God got you guys home safe and sound!!!
    i love God, im HIS!

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