Economics Conference

It is going very well!

Pictures and an update to follow later. We are embarking on our final day here, and we’ll be driving through the night tonight to get home.


With some Moody readers šŸ™‚

Mom and Mary

Dad's Preparing Sons session yesterday.

“Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.”
(Psalms 67:5)

3 thoughts on “Economics Conference”

  1. wow, that looks like your Dads biggest group yet- how many people were there do you think? Safe travels. Love the updates
    It was a good group, but there has been significantly larger in the audience at some other conferences. All in all it was a blessing.

  2. Oh, the little girls are so cute. Are they sisters? Glad things went well for you.
    Yes, sisters.

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