Mooooo … Mmmm Milk

Ready for the tour

Saturday, we girls, Mom, Bethie and Abby, went to a dairy farm for a tour. This dairy farm, Shatto, is known for their amazing milk. The milk is sold in glass bottles in a number of stores in the Kansas City area. It was an interesting time, and it made me appreciate the hard work farmers go to to provide us food. To you farming families, thank you! Thank you for your sacrifices, for your endurance, for working to produce quality food. We are grateful!


A close up.
Okay, so I milked a cow, just briefly, but enough to give me the experience. Abby perched on my lap and watched me.
Bethie in the Ergo carrier.
Cows lined up to be milked, the automatic way.
In front of the milk truck. For those a bit older reading this, you'll know that milk used to be delivered in trucks like these.

“If the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land which floweth with milk and honey.” (Numbers 14:8)

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  1. We had a milk truck that delivered every other day to us. And an aluminum box in our breezeway to hold the deliveries which also included butter and cream.

    My Mom’s family were dairy farmers and I’ve milked more than a few cows in my lifetime. My uncle’s family raised goats for their milk and supplied more than a few markets in the Chicago area. His children drank goat milk before cows milk.

    Sounds like a nice trip.

  2. We have recently started purchasing raw milk from a farmer down the street. I take the children every week to pick it up in gallon size glass jars. It’s just a great experience!

    It is always nice to remember those that work hard to give us good quality food.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. My town in Illinois has a regional dairy that provides the supermarket with glass bottle milk, and I do enjoy it – I never had a milk truck deliver to my house, but I fondly remember having milk delivered to my door in individual serving bottles (with paper and cellophane caps) in Tokyo, in the 1980s. Every morning we put out yesterday’s bottles, and were delivered new full ones, in the same place we had the newspaper delivered.

    I’d not thought of that in years! Never milked a cow myself though. I’ve seen them up close through a fence but that’s the extent of it.

    Surely Abby and Bethany were amazed at the size!

  4. Milk from a glass container is much colder. I really like it when I can find it. A little expensive though.

  5. Ah… Bethany is always “Bethie,” to us–didn’t know any other’s who were Bethie’s!

  6. Milking a cow is not an experience I’ve ever had. =) Your “all girls” field trip looks like a lot of fun and a very special time for Abbey and Bethany with her aunts and grandma.

  7. I bet the girls had a good time and enjoyed the animals. My family farmed cattle, and my chidren’s grandparents have a dairy, and they just love bottle-feeding the calves. While I love the animals, I cannot stand the smell of dairys. Oh Goodness, they smell worse than a feedlot!

  8. Good on you Sarah for having a go at hand-milking! I love hand-milking but our cow isn’t a very easy one to milk, so we now milk her with a small machine.
    And I love seeing posts of farming in other countries! Always interesting seeing both the similarities and the differences to what we see in NZ!

  9. What a fun trip! My brother-in-law’s family had a dairy farm in NM and when we’d visit them we’d always go out to the farm to visit his family, and on Sundays we’d have dinner with them after church. I loved being with the animals.

    What fun for the girls. I hope Melaine is doing well, we keep her in our prayers.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  10. I’ve often thought about opening up my farm for visits.

    I’ve got an old cow, but she cannot produce milk. I’ve got 19 others that do, but we use machines which are faster.

    Glad you had on fun on your visit.

  11. The field trip looks like a lot of fun…but I’m not sure about the milking a cow part. Bethany and Abby have grown so much! They will be great big sisters!

  12. This sounds like an amazingly fascinating field trip! How delightful for the little ones! =o) Thank you for sharing these photos ~ love the truck!

    And I have to ask…do you sew those gored denim skirts? (a pattern number?) Or perhaps they were purchased…? I like it that they are long but not too tight at the hem for walking.
    The girls said the gored denim skirts are from Christopher and Banks. However, they were only in stock last fall!

  13. This looks like it was fun. Could you also post an update on the expectant moms for those of us who have been praying for them. thanks

  14. What blessings are these pictures.

    Why did not the boys come? My Boys love the barnyard.

    Love and blessings

    Sue Ella
    The boys are working.

  15. The ladies jean skirts look both modest and practical. Did you make those or purchase them?

    Thank you!
    Christopher & Banks

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