Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Happy birthday, Sarah. We are greatly blessed as we think about all the ways you serve and bless this family and others. Eleven years ago, when the Managers of Their Homes book came out, you immediately took responsibility for packing and shipping each order. Now you effectively and efficiently manage all of our book titles, including their initial printings and reprints. You process orders, make sure we have the right boxes and other shipping supplies, handle the taxes and filing, answer the phone and e-mails, take photos, keep up the blog, and coordinate our speaking trips. Somehow in the midst of all of that, you find time to write your own books – books that have blessed, encouraged, and mentored thousands of children.

Not only are you the backbone of Titus2, you help with meals and cleaning here at home. You clean for Nathan and Melanie when Melanie is pregnant and unable to do so herself because of her difficult pregnancies. You make lunch for Gigi and Grandad one day a week and eat with them plus help with cleaning their house.

We love your heart for the Lord Jesus, your sweet spirit, and your great desire to fully serve and obey Him. We delight in the time we have had with you as a beautiful young woman who has chosen to continue to live in our home when you could have moved on to live any life that you desired.

While we are prepared to take over all that you do should the Lord bring a man into your life to be your husband, we are grateful for all you have given to our family and invested in so many others around the world. We are blessed to have you as a daughter and sister.

Your Family

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10 

Sweet Sarah

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  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!

    Your sweet spirit is unmistakable in your countenance and I pray that the Lord will bless you abundantly in the coming year!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah!

    We hope you had a wonderful day and that the year ahead be filled with many blessing. You are not only a gift to your family, but to others as well. Thank you for the example you are to other young women.

    In HIM,
    The Ms

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet Sarah! You are a blessing and in my thoughts and prayers so often! Your joy, servant’s heart, and love for others is so beautiful!

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah! At the same time you are a blessing to your family for the reasons they stated, I hope you know what a blessing you are to those on the receiving side of your ministry. Your continual smile radiates the joy you have in Christ and is truly contagious. Your keen sense of business is a blessing to those you coordinate with, making their load lighter. Your example to young women is above reproach and refreshing. You honor your parents in word and deed, and treat your siblings with the utmost respect. By seeking the will of the Lord and walking in the direction that He leads, you leave a forever impression, from even a brief crossing of paths. Thank you for all of the lives you touch just by being you – the person that the Lord is molding and shaping. May you enjoy whatever the Lord has for you in the upcomiing year, and your service for Him continue to have a ripple effect.

  5. Happy Birthday precious Sarah!!! 🙂 Although we’ve never met in person, I feel certain you are a beautiful servant of the Lord—and you bless so many around you. ~ May the Lord guide, protect, and bless you in this coming year. Please know I keep you and your family in my prayers.
    Love, Mrs. Patti M. 🙂

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR SARAH!!! You’re such a blessing and encouragement to me. And we know that all the good in you is because of Jesus! Have a very, very blessed, special, joyful day with your sweet family! Praying for you and what God has in store for you! Can’t wait to see the many other blessings He’ll give you this year! The joy of the Lord reflects in your countenance! Happy birthday! God bless! Rebecca K.

    ” I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30
    ” Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; and let those who love Your salvation say continually, ‘ Let God be magnified!’ ” Psalm 70:4

  7. Happy blessed birthday, Sarah! You are a blessing to people you’ve never even met. 🙂 By the way, January is a great month to be born…my birthday is tomorrow!

    Happy Birthday

  8. “A happy Birthday to you! May you feel Jesus near, every day of the year. A happy Birthday to you!, the best you ever knew.
    “Lord, Keep her shining for you. In the world’s darkest night, keep her pure, keep her bright. Lord, keep her shining for you, until she beholds your face.”
    Taken from a “happy birthday” song, and dedicated to you, Sarah, as it is your birthday. May God richly bless you as you seek to be what He wants you to be and as we see the way God uses you to bless others.
    Warm birthday wishes from France!

  9. Happy, happy, happy birthday! I want your day to be as brilliant, beautiful, and full of smiles as the sunrise I’m seeing right now.
    I do love you.

  10. Wow! What a beautiful message to others who hope to honor their Lord at home. Thank you Sarah for being such an encouragement and model for me, I’ve never met you in person, but through your family blog you’ve helped me follow my Lord more perfectly. Love you in Christ!

  11. Happy Birthday Sarah! We love you and delight in the young woman you have become. Thank you for inspiring our daughters to become Godly young women as well! May the Lord continue to bless you!

  12. Yet another shining example of the family love you share because your lives are rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ. You bless me and encourage me by your testimonies, and though we have never met, the Lord made no mistake when one day many years ago He lead me to “Homeschooling With A Meek and Quiet Spirit”. I am thankful for how God orders our steps and leads us in the way He wants us to go.

    For Sarah, Many happy returns on the day of your birth, May sunshine and gladness be given, And may our dear Father prepare you on earth, For a wonderful birthday in Heaven (copied).

    God continue to bless you Sarah and the Maxwell family.

    Hebrews 10:24-25

  13. Happy Birthday Miss Sarah!!!

    You are a blessing to not only your family, but to all of us who know you and love you. Praying you have a wonderful new year ahead filled with joy.

    Blessings and love, Mrs. Mari

  14. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah! In addition to what your family wrote, you may add the countless ways your spirit, words and encouragement have blessed me and your other readers here!



  15. Praise the Lord, Sarah! I’ve followed your family blog for years though I’ve never commented. I don’t know you personally, but let me say that you are truly an inspiration and rare gem in today’s culture. A woman who fears the Lord shall be praised! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday! Keep writing those books, we love them. Thank you for all you do, Sarah.
    Samantha L.

  17. The Lord used this post yesterday as well as another blog and a conversation with a friend to remind me “not to conform to the image of this world”. The Lord kept putting on my heart not to allow cultural to influence me or my parenting. God used Sarah’s life as a beautiful testimony to that end. As I read this, I realized the irreplaceable role she plays in the kingdom and how we each have these irreplaceable roles we need to fulfill~ by God’s grace. Praise God for His guidence. Happy Birthday, Sarah.

  18. Happy birthday Sarah!

    May the Lord continue to bless you as you walk with Him….

    In Christ,

  19. Happy Birthday! I hope that I am raising my girls (6 and 5) to be God-honoring just as you are. Your example is so appreciated!! I wasn’t raised this way, and now that my husband and I are trying to raise our children in a more God-honoring manner, we look to the examples set by you and your family for direction. Thank you!!

  20. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you have a fun day

    Hope the Lord blessses you with a husband soon.

    love John and Marie

  21. I believe it is one thing to read something written, but a completely different thing to see the eyes of the one who wrote it. When I met you and your family for the first time, the countenance of each family member is what absolutely struck my husband and I. We are still affected and absolutely amazed by your beautiful countenance. The joy that you have for the Lord and your family is such a blessing to those who ever come in contact with you. Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day.

  22. Happy Birthday, Sarah! BTW – we are on chapter 10 of Winter Days – our son begs for a chapter each night. =)

  23. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Over your lifetime you have been a truly faithful and dutiful daughter to God and to your parents. May God in his wisdom send you an abundance of wonderful new blessings this coming year.

  24. Sarah, you are sowing great seed in the lives of others and it will continually come back to you. I prayed for a husband and I was 29 when I got married. If that is your desire just know God makes sure to send just the right person at the right time. Your life is a blessing and my girls love your books.

  25. Happy Birthday, Sarah! You truly are such a wonderful blessing to many and I love your servant’s heart. May God bless you richly for your faithfulness.
    My oldest daughter is much like you in that she truly has a servant’s heart.

  26. Sarah, I hope you have had a very Happy Birthday!

    Being myself an older (as in early-30’s as opposed to early 20’s!) un-married daughter-living-at-home, you have been a blessing to me in your many blog-posts, and reading this post about you is a special encouragement too!


  27. We are on chapter 9 of Winter Days…I’m just so grateful for your ministry to us through these books. Also, it is a joy to pray for you and to hear about all God is doing through your life. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you! Amazing things await a life yielded to Jesus and you are an example of that to me.

  28. A BIG happy birthday from all of us!! As the many others have commented we are encouraged & inspired by the life you have poured out to benefit those around you!! We hope you have enjoyed all the special things you will do on your birthday. God bless you & guide you in the days ahead.

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