Preparing for the Winter

Winter here in Kansas is not like it is up north, but it still gets cold, and it does snow. Before we built this house, some diseased Dutch elm trees had to come down. We’ve been using that wood for the past two winters. I heard our stash will likely hold another two years, depending on the temperatures this winter. I love the smell of a wood fire on a delightfully crisp autumn day or a cold winter day. Dad had an idea for wood storage. Instead of bringing it inside on a pallet, he built a neat wood “bin”–using leftover wood and items we already had here. The guys have taken a few minutes here and there to haul wood from the back yard to under our deck.


Finished product!

I had to include this picture of the two A's on Anna's birthday. Anna's holding a card Abby made for her.

“But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day” (Matthew 24:20).

11 thoughts on “Preparing for the Winter”

  1. That’s really neat about the wood! We really need to have our first fireplace fire soon! This is the first home we’ve ever had with a fireplace, so we want to make some use out of it!

    That’s sweet, Abby. I’m sure you really enjoyed blessing Aunt Anna! You and Bethany are going to have fun doing things like that when you’re both old enough to do it together!!!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

    This is off subject, but I had my first driving lesson with
    my Dad last night!
    I’m sure you will do great.

  2. We too are planning for fireplace weather..I suspect Stormie and I will sit in front of it and do alot of reading and maybe other schoolwork as well.

  3. What a great idea! It gets the wood off the ground and allows air to circulate so any new wood can continue to cure before you burn it. And it is easily accessible for you without having to trudge though too much of the elements (I hope). I grew up with a wood stove, and I have gas logs now. They are okay, but nothing like wood-burning fireplaces or wood stoves. I have actually thought about taking them out and capping the gas line to make it a wood-burning fireplace. That might have to be a project for next year as I have a tree that is going to have to come down in the front yard probably next spring, so finding wood will not be an issue for awhile. We used to go cut wood in the fall each year with my daddy over at a place that a friend of his needed clearing. He blessed us with firewood, and we helped him with clearing the dead trees off his land. This time of year always reminds me of those times with Daddy.

    Hope you all are staying warm and that you get all the wood taken care of before the first serious cold snap or snow.

    Love you all!


  4. You might consider investing in a wood stove insert. It is more efficient in burning wood as a normal fireplace simply lets heat travel up the chimney.
    Actually, it is a free standing wood stove. It is quite efficient and a real blessing.
    God bless.

  5. We have a bunch of wood on our patio that the previous occupants cut off the two huge ficus and oak trees in the yard. Our son gets the sawzall and the axe and cuts them into lengths to go into the fireplace.

    We lit our fire early today, it was 53 degrees and pouring rain this afternoon. Now it’s cloudy and windy. It’s nice to sit on the love seat by the fireplace and watch cooking shows and read my book.

    Stay warm.

  6. That is very cool…I’ve always wanted the cold winters w/ snow, a toasty fireplace, hot chocolate. Sadly, we can’t do that, cause we dont’ want our youngest brother to get into the fire.

  7. Ah yes, winter is in the air, though probably more so up here, eh? 😉
    What a perfect time to relish in the provisions the Lord has given us!

  8. Hi, we just read this post….and looked outside saw snow fall…the first of the year!

    P.S. We hope it won’t stay!

  9. Your firewood set up looks nice. Here in Oklahoma we battle termites. We keep our firewood at the other end of the property to keep termites and other critters (like snakes) away from the house. Have you had any problems with ants, termites or snakes in your wood pile?
    Time will tell whether it is a problem. We don’t have termites as bad as OK, but it still can be an issue.

  10. I’m curious — is the wood-burning stove your primary (or only) source of heat? From an engineering standpoint, where is it located in your home and how is that heat distributed? I’m fascinated by this considering how much I spend in electricity for my heat pump every winter and my home is just 2100 sq. ft. I’d love to know more if you have the time — thanks!
    We have forced air gas, but the basement is often quite cool. The additional heat is to make the basement comfortable. I’ll email.

  11. We use wood as the sole source to heat our house in the winter and domestic hot water year round. It is good, cahracter-building, family teamwork to get all the wood up for the year!

    Watch out for termites. They love wood piles.

    Glad ya’ll made it home.

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