Savannah, The Final Conference For This Trip

As we drove into the church parking lot, our coordinator and her son came out with a “Welcome, Maxwell Family” sign. It was a true labor of love. How special! Set up went fast, since we had a lot of help. We were also grateful to have the bus back again.

Dinner was provided by the coordinator and two other ladies. The tables were decorated in an autumn theme. Baked ziti, salad, bread, and dessert—all were delicious.

We were also given several gifts: the coordinator’s family gave individual gift bags to each of us, including Nathan and Christopher’s family. The items included were so sweet! Another family gave us a “Columbia dinner in a box” (more on that later). The Australian family gifted us with two items from their country, and another family gave us an attractive jar of layered cookie ingredients. A young lady gave Anna, Mary, and I tatted bookmarks–so pretty. You all were very thoughtful.

Once again, it was the perfect size crowd for the facility the Lord gave us. This time, there were two families who drove more the the customary longest distance for each conference. We had a family from Australia and another from California, although they were both on trips, so they didn’t come directly from those places. To make it more interesting, the Australian family told the Californian family about the conference when they happened to meet in Williamsburg. The CA family had not been aware of our ministry before that. Friday night, there were three RVs in the lot: ours and the Australia and California families’.

The young ladies were an attentive group, and several of them gathered around Anna to talk to her after the first session. It was really sweet! Parents seemed especially engaged during the courtship session. I love hearing Dad talk–he shares in such a captivating and practical way.

A number of families had attended at least one other conference. A special joy for Mom was to meet one of her test moms for Sweet Journey.

We are grateful for each one of our coordinators who set up their conference and invested in it with their time. I think of Philippians 4:17. “Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.” The labor of love they have given bears eternal fruit in the lives of those who come.


Set up.

Joseph and John

The contents of my bag.

Jesse and Mom Saturday morning. I love going into a church early, when all is quiet, and putting the finishing touches on set up. One thing I do is hang signs to direct people for where to go.

Eden and Gracie--sweet sisters!

Another set of sweet sisters! Thank y'all for letting me take your picture. We enjoyed seeing you again!

The Australian Family

The Californian Family

We had great pack out help! Thank you to all the young people who lent their aid.

Praying before we left the area.

“And it may be that I will abide, yea, and winter with you, that ye may bring me on my journey whithersoever I go” (1 Corinthians 16:6).

5 thoughts on “Savannah, The Final Conference For This Trip”

  1. My family and I had been down in the “lower 48” visiting family and friends since the begining of October, so I hadn’t checked on your blog until today. Sounds like you have had a very eventful month! God has been faithful, though! 🙂 I’m also excited her hear that Christopher and Anna Marie and expecting! Yippie! Congratulations to you all!
    God Bless,

  2. I’m so happy the Savannah conference went well! 🙂 Maybe sometime when you all are in Georgia we’ll actually get to meet in person, Lord willing. ~ Thank you for posting pictures from your travels—I always especially enjoy seeing the precious children taking part (and helping!). Blessings, Patti M. 🙂

  3. Looking at your post today, I was very suprised to discover the photo of the ‘Australian family’ – the F family, we know them!! Wow small, small world, am sure they really enjoyed your conference, we discussed your ministry last time we saw them, which was a couple of years ago & how we all enjoyed your ‘corners’ that we read! Australia really isn’t that small!
    That is very amazing indeed.

  4. I enjoyed catching up on your blog today. You have been busy doing the Lord’s work. Thank you for your posts. They are an encouragement and a blessing.

  5. Heh Steve. It was great to finally meet you and your family. Many folks in Australia have been blessed by your relentless passion to challenge anything in Christian “culture” that is not consistent with what you see in Scripture. Even more special is the way all of your faces light up when you talk about your beloved Saviour. He is SO worthy !!!
    It was a blessing to meet you all. Thank you for coming.
    God bless.

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