Palm Coast Report

We arrived at the church around 5 p.m. The coordinator’s husband came early to help us get set up, and the church also had someone there, so it was easy! We felt welcome, and we enjoyed talking while we worked through details and set up sound and book tables. The group began arriving early, which is always nice as it helps when most are there at starting time. It seemed we had more younger children than normal, so that presented a few challenges, but we managed. 🙂 I think the Hearts session was a little shocking to some, but they were grateful for it, as evidenced afterward through conversation with us. The issue of keeping children’s hearts is the most important subject parents will face, but yet so many just float along with what everyone else is doing.

Floating along with what is comfortable is easy, but I am forever grateful to my parents for those hard decisions they have made throughout the years–decisions that go against the “flow.”


Without the bus, Mom came inside to do things on her computer.

“For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?” (Luke 9:25).

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  1. I’ve read Hearts twice and it is difficult to hear (read) but has helped me see the errors in some of my ways. It is a very powerful book indeed.

  2. We too are parents that go against the flow. I am so thankful for the decisions that my husband and I have made in the past 23 years and for the direction the Lord has given us. I just wasn’t prepared for how lonely a road we were going to be on. We have our children’s hearts, and for that it is worth it.


  3. All scripture is incredible, but this verse I just am particularly grateful for. It helps keep us focused! There is nothing worth the cost of our eternal life.

    Aw, so glad to hear that those at the Palm Coast conference were grateful to hear the Hearts session. I can remember first hearing the concept of losing our children’s hearts. It was shocking. The most shocking part for me was that it was simplistic truth. I was looking for something so complicated that I had looked right past the concept of losing our children’s hearts. When we understood this concept it helped us make decisions, and gave us clarity in our time on our knees for our son. THANK YOU, Steve and Teri, for continuing to share this concept.

    Our family strongly recommends the book “Keeping Our Children’s Hearts”. In fact, we recommend investing in 2 copies. It is definitely is a book that you will want to share often with those who may not be familiar with the importance of this family “truth”. The enemy would like to make this concept one of the best kept secrets out there.

    Praying for the Savannah Conference!

  4. I was in the Palm Coast conference the other night. Thank you so much for sharing your hearts. It was a shock but also a blessing. I can not wait to purchase the book as my spirit has been unsettled since the conference because I want to put in to practice all that I heard and sometimes it is hard to explain to others.

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