Cade’s Cove

We’ve heard that Cade’s Cove is a great place to visit, so Wednesday night, it was decided Thursday morning would be the time we’d go. We woke up early, had our time with the Lord, and set out. We arrived at the entrance to the Cove about 15 minutes before the official sunrise, and we joined the string of vehicles waiting for the gate to open.

The mist covered fields were so pretty, but we kept our eyes carefully trained for bears. Meadow after meadow went by, and we occasionally stopped for Joseph to take pictures. We watched two bucks spar in a distant field. As we drove, several of us were praying that the Lord would allow us to see a bear. We were nearing the end of the loop, and we stopped at a cabin for a family picture. Still no bears.

I wanted a family picture, and this cabin was our last opportunity!

John inside the cabin.

We knew from our time at Yellowstone several years ago, if exciting wildlife is spotted, there will usually be a group of stopped cars. After we left the cabin, we drove a short distance to an area with several cars stopped, and it was obvious, bears were in the area. Everyone was looking up in the trees, and photographers had their cameras out. So, we parked, and joined the group. There were three bears in the tree, supposedly the two cubs and a mama. About five minutes later, about twenty feet in front of us, the mama lumbered along. I doubt she was ever in the tree :-). Sadly, we weren’t able to get a good picture before she disappeared into the woods a little further. The babies continued to be cute as they climbed around in the trees, searching for acorns. An occasional branch or cluster of leaves would fall to the ground. We were praising the Lord for allowing us to see the bears.

“Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, And for his wonderful works to the children of men!” Psalms 107:8

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  1. We visited the same Cade’s Cove the year before last — and the picture of all my children was taken in the same cabin. Very beautiful place. We really appreciated God’s creation all around the Smokies.


  2. Cade’s Cove is beautiful! We got some beautiful pictures 2 years ago at the height of the colors when John and I went to the Smokies! I would love to go back again soon!

    We did not see any bear, but so neat how the Lord answered your prayers and what sweet pictures you got of the cubs!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Just curious if you know anything about that neat cabin? How old it is and what sort of people used to live there? Thank you!

  4. Our family has been going to the Townsend Area and visiting Cades Cove for about 30 years, almost every year. :o) We love singing together in the primitive churches around the Cades Cove loop and are often joined by other visitors in a hymn or patriotic song. I wondered if your family felt led to sing or do something similar while visiting the area. There is just something really special about it. We were disappointed not to be able to join the conference this weekend; but pray it is going well.
    God Bless!

  5. I love being able to see wildlife in it’s natural environment. One of my favorite parts of our summer trips the family vacation home in Northwestern Montana, is spotting the bears. Taking daily hikes with out bear bells to ward them off, but still being able to spot them from afar. Magnificent animals God created.

    Continued prayers for safe travels.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  6. What excellent Pictures!! I always enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures, may the Lord continue to Grant traveling mercies for you and health along the way!!

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