Sweet Journey is Available!

We are so very excited to announce that Teri’s new book, Sweet Journey, is now available. It has been a whole-family investment in bringing this labor of love to completion. We have seen the Lord overcome many obstacles to it finally becoming available.

Why am I writing this announcement? Because I believe deeply in my heart that it will help countless moms. It isn’t a self-help book, but it is a book that points moms to the source of power and grace–Jesus Christ and His Word. I’ve seen how the Lord used His Word in Teri’s life for years as she battled depression and anger while facing each new day with active little ones. I have seen God’s power at work in a life that was struggling and challenged. Instead of using anti-depressants, she relied upon a risen Savior Who is alive, well, and able to restore, empower, and heal.

We receive so many e-mails from struggling moms. We have seen God work in those who were willing to make an effort to “draw nigh” to their Lord as Teri encouraged them in the Word step by step. Frankly, it makes me cry when I read an e-mail back from a mom who earlier was in the depths of despair and now is well along in a Sweet Journey with her Lord. This material is proven.

There are other moms who aren’t in the depths of despair, but they don’t know what they are missing. They are going through life as a Christian while lacking power and peace. Sweet Journey will greatly benefit them as well because it will guide them in establishing the foundations that are missing in their Christian walk.

There are moms who want to disciple their daughters and don’t know where to begin. This will be a powerful tool in their hands for that.

Also, ladies groups are often going through studies. This Bible study is practical and well-suited for group settings as well. I know there are plenty of other Bible studies out there, so why is Sweet Journey unique? I feel it is because God has first worked a beautiful work in Teri’s life. She has walked down some very deep and dark valleys and tasted of the power of the Savior in her life. She isn’t sharing a quick fix, but a steady, sure, and sweet path with her sisters.

That is why I’m rejoicing!!

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.” James 4:8


Sweet Journey

Friday, the Last Day

Well, at the cabin that is. It was a delightful day. We worked on packing up some in the morning, and then a few of us needed to get better Internet access (you all did get a post that Friday!), and some went to the park. Then, after lunch, it was back to the ponds for most. Mom and I went on the Colorado trail for a little over an hour, which was a brisk-last-day-in-Colorado-hike, before joining the rest.

Melanie came out on the ponds, too, while Nathan stayed with the little girls who were napping. We had a great time with her.

Out on the ponds for the final time.

A game of tag was being played, and it was a lively one.

Later, when the girls were up, I sat with Bethany on land while Nathan, Melanie, and Abby went canoeing.

Playground time!


Our cabin

Packin' up time. Abby was Uncle John's helper, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Okay, so I'm the one who wanted a group picture. There didn't end up being a good time on our hikes, so, come Friday, I realized that picture hadn't happened. Everyone went to extra effort that evening to get ready for the shot, and thank you, Family!

And thus ends the Colorado series. It was a beautiful time away–among the mountains, aspen trees, flowing mountain streams, and best of all, with family.


“I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.”
–Psalms 69:30

Daddy Obeyed God

A highlight of the trip for Abby was our stop in St. Elmo on Monday where we were able to feed the chipmunk colony. Abby loved her time with those little critters and was secretly hopeful she would be able to return sometime later in the trip.

On Wednesday morning, as Abby ate breakfast, she overheard talk about what we might do that day, which included consideration of a trail that went over to St. Elmo. While we eliminated that hike for that day, the name St. Elmo was in the discussion because that is the direction the trail headed. Abby heard the word St. Elmo and thought we were going back.

Then during the hike that we took on Wednesday, Abby was being carried on her daddy’s back. She said to him, “You have one happy little girl.” When asked why, she said that she had heard talk about going back to St. Elmo and she was one excited little girl.

So her Daddy said to her, “Abby, we don’t have any plans to go back to St. Elmo. We talked about a trail that goes that direction, but that isn’t what we are doing today. It was too far for us to go.”

Abby was very disappointed. Later when Melanie learned of Abby’s disappointment in not returning to St. Elmo, Melanie suggested they pray about it.

Everyone greatly wanted to please Abby’s heart so Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, when the little girls were asleep, we discussed ways to hike and go back to St. Elmo. Nathan and Dad made a plan for just that.

The plan was talked about among the adults during breakfast time and again Abby was listening. Abby’s blue eyes sparkled and her face brightened. She exclaimed, “There was no plan, but now there is a plan!”

Later, she told her mommy, “God told Daddy to go to St. Elmo, and Daddy obeyed God.”

After arriving at St. Elmo Thursday morning, it was very chilly, and the chipmunks were hardly around to eat. Instead of crying and being disappointed, Abby accepted it with a sweet attitude. We hiked, and then came back to try again. This time, the chipmunks were very active and very happy to be fed.

Joseph enjoyed taking pictures; in fact, that guy actually captured over four hundred pictures in a short span of time. As Abby fed chipmunk after chipmunk, I occasionally heard her little voice exclaim, “We’ve got business!” (an expression borrowed from Uncle Joseph)

Later on, when asked how long she fed them? “For hours and hours!”

Abby’s spirit was a lesson to her aunt on my relationship with my Heavenly Father. Think about it. Abby wanted something and instead of pushing and begging her daddy, she prayed, and waited. How often, with the Lord, am I wanting something and not patient enough to wait for His answer? Or, if it’s a “no” am I unhappy about it? Do we want anything less than God’s best for our lives?


The chipmunks were happy too. It was a win-win situation.
Eating on Abby’s back.

She loved feeding the little guys.


Abby was in business.



Life is good.
Just snoozin’.
The ground hogs were very cute.
Bethany loved them, although she really wanted to hold them.

“Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?”
–Matthew 6:26

Happy Labor Day

I don’t know if one says “Happy Labor Day” but I will. May your day be filled with the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ as you are busy about what He wants for you.

The Maxwells, here in Kansas, have plenty to do, and we are grateful for all the Lord gives us to accomplish. Maybe I’ll get some normal life pictures for you all soon!


“Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily.”
–Colossians 1:29

Thursday’s Hike

We inadvertently found the trailhead to go to St. Elmo Wednesday when we picnicked. So, Thursday, it was decided we would all start from St. Elmo, and those who wanted to hike to the other side could, and the rest would hike to a certain point and turn around. The little girls could pet the chipmunks again (a blog post on that later), and then Dad would back-track to St. Elmo and drive the van to the other side to pick up the hikers.

It was a steep, long climb out of St. Elmo, and the guys who packed Abby and Bethany got the hardest workout. But, it was beautiful as we hiked in the midst of the tall aspen and fir trees. As we went further, a stream flowed near us, and the sound of that mountain stream was so refreshing. This was our last real day of hiking, because Friday we took it easy.

This picture was actually taken on a phone of Abby and me. The rest had already moved on, and I stayed with Nathan, Melanie, and the girls.

I sent my camera along with the group who hiked to the other side.

The pictures Joseph took that afternoon of the girls with the chipmunks will be for another post.

The end of the story? Those of us who went back to St. Elmo had a restful time, and then we drove around to pick up the others. By this time, the usual afternoon thunderstorm had descended, and although we were making progress to get to them, we knew our hikers would be okay since they had brought rain gear and would not be in the open areas. Come to find out, the hikers had continued after reaching the end of the trail and walked an additional 7 miles, for a total of 13. Wow! Several even made it back to the cabin without a ride.

PS – We still have a chipmunk post coming and a final, wrap-up Friday to finish out Colorado.

“Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”
–Psalms 124:8