Huntsville Report

We arrived at the church Monday about 3:15. We saw some tornado damage as we neared the area, and our hearts were sad for those who have gone through much loss of property and life over the recent months.

Our memories from the prior year, of the same church, included Christopher. We miss him (since he got married last October), but we are thrilled with the wife the Lord has given him (love ya, Anna Marie!). Christopher lost his Thermos at this same place the prior year. It was his trusted cold water bottle at home and on trips. No other Thermos could quite replace it. He asked us to check if the church had a lost and found, if possibly that Thermos could be there. As I was walking through the gym, my eye caught sight of his Thermos, on an obvious lost and found shelving section. I couldn’t believe it. It still has water in it, and the top was dusty. So, Christopher, you have your Thermos back. Well, when we get home in four weeks!

Our coordinators had also arranged the conference last year, and they have been friends of ours for a number of years. We were able to spend some time fellowshipping with them beforehand and also at dinner. They provided a delicious dinner of BBQ venison, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, and dessert. It was great!

We gave some different sessions than we normally would on an evening conference. We saw several families who have attended in prior years, so that was wonderful. The parents were especially attentive and interested in what was shared. The young people seemed to enjoy their sessions as well.

Time and time again, we see the Lord answer prayers. For example, we’ve had several close calls accident wise. Monday, a truck pulling a camper, strayed into our lane, and nearly hit us. Sometimes, those situations feel like slow motion as Dad brakes hard, honks to try to alert the other driver, and as everyone watches the vehicle come within a few inches of the bus. Oh yes, you also hold onto your computer and brace yourself (for an impact or a hard stop?!). After that, you’re left feeling shaky, but praising the Lord for His protection! Dad is so amazing in knowing what to do with tough situations. We often tell Dad what an incredible job he does.

We are so grateful for you all standing with us prayer. We need the support as it truly is a spiritual battle.


Tornado damage

Christopher's Thermos that was found.


A girl photo


Courtship session

With some Moody readers.


Pack up help.

Mom and our coordinator's wife.

“Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul” (Psalms 54:4).

6 thoughts on “Huntsville Report”

  1. What cute girls they are! Thankful to see some of the answers to our prayers for you! The story of Christopher’s thermos is so neat! Still praying for Mary. Hope you have wonderful conferences and wonderful memories from this trip!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  2. I love the thermos story: it’s great when that kind of thing happens to something you really are fond of & have breathed a few prayers for Mary. Glad to hear she is improving. Hope for continual safety with your travels. Look forwards to more of your updates.

  3. Sarah, So glad you arrived there safely! Having traveled with our RV for years, we know how real the danger is!
    Quick question…Do you all have the courtship session available on CD by chance?
    Have a blessed day!
    Not yet. Sorry.

  4. Tornado damage…that April disaster is still in my mind, and my little brother is scared at night from having dreams about all thsoe tornadoes. I’m glad you found Christopher’s water bottle and had a good time of fellowship!

  5. Just wondering how Mary’s eye situation is today? Praying for complete recovery with no damage to her eye.
    It is almost normal now. Thank you.

  6. We know what you mean by spiritual battle! We are going to the Charlotte conference and I told my girls it must be a good conference coming cause the devil is trying hard to keep us from going. Screw in tire, sudden worm infestation in the basement, sudden doctors appointment and much more.. I have been praying for the conference for over a month. Praying for your safe travels and messages this coming weekend!
    We understand truly. Prayer is what is needed and thanks to others who are praying.
    Please introduce yourself to us.

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