Another Answered Prayer

Three-year-old Abigail and I were talking the other day, and she told me how she was praying that she could find a cicada. Normally, there are lots around here this time of year, but lately she hadn’t been seeing them. She said she really wanted to hold one.

Not long after that, we heard that Abigail had found a cicada–well, actually, her mommy found it for her. They were out on a walk when they found it. Abby was very excited because God had answered her prayer!

Then that evening, many of us were outside talking with Nathan and Abby when Aunt Mary found Abby another cicada. Abigail was also very happy to now have found two cicadas! Aunt Sarah had her camera out when we found the second one and got a few pictures of her new little friend!

How exciting it is when little children learn to talk to God, bringing their requests to Him, and then to have their faith strengthened when they see His answers. Some would say, “What an insignificant thing to pray about.” However, to Abby it was important, and Nathan and Melanie are teaching her where to take those requests. When she grows up, she will have learned to trust her heavenly Father to give her what is in accordance with His will.



“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22)

7 thoughts on “Another Answered Prayer”

  1. So sweet! I love when my kids pray for the simple things like that. Oh to have the faith of a child, yet that is exactly what God has called us to.

  2. Abby is such a sweet little girl 🙂 This was really touching and it makes us all realize that God is in every detail, in every inch of nature, we just need to have faith! 😀

  3. I love how God cares about even the small things! He is so good to show his love for Abigail by answering her prayer….so precious! 🙂 He does love His children…young and old alike!

  4. Anna, you are so right. When my youngest son was about Abby’s age, we found a dead lizard on our pool deck (at least he looked dead). My son was so upset by this that he prayed for God to raise the lizard from the dead. We went inside to get something with which to scoop up the lizard. When we returned, the lizard was gone. My son exclaimed, “God raised him!” He is 10 years old now, and our family’s prayer warrior.

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