We’re On Our Way…

But it’s not been without excitement. We were only 30 minutes down the road when a vehicle spun out in front of us. We were just pulling away from a stop light, so we were able to stop quickly. Joseph and John jumped out to see what they could do to help. The vehicle almost rolled, but it didn’t, and it had stopped on a steep embankment facing the road about thirty feet down.

The young lady driving was extremely shook up, but John talked to her and calmed her down. She was not hurt. After awhile, she stepped from the vehicle, and John drove her vehicle out. As Dad talked with her, she told him she was a Christian, and he prayed with her. Dad encouraged her to drive to a nearby gas station and just sit and rest for a bit.

Once again, we saw the Lord’s protection!

John drove her car out.

Dad prayed with her.

Yesterday, Anna loaded up the bus. John and Jesse weren’t home, and Anna wanted to do it to bless them so they wouldn’t have to load it late at night. She did great.


John doing a little minor repair.

Praying before we left...

We’re looking forward to a wonderful conference in St. Louis!


“Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.” –Psalms 139:5

8 thoughts on “We’re On Our Way…”

  1. Wow…God truly does work wonders, doesn’t he! What a witness your family was to this shaken young lady! Praising God for his protection today! Blessings, Kelly in Michigan

  2. How sweet of you all to stop and make sure she was ok. And praying with her!! For some reason God wanted to make sure that this young lady reached out to him and he needed you to help make it happen. Everyday when I read your blog, I am encouraged and lifted up. Your family are in my and my children’s prayers each night.

    Be safe!

  3. Blessed rain! We had some here today too, praise the Lord! I have to tell you that it has been just recently that I have kept a good driving record. For period of time, I was involved in a few accidents, so I can relate to his young lady. The fear and worry you feel is bad because you know you have to get back in that car and do it again. That thought can paralyze you with fear. Thank goodness for your father, his quick reactions, and the love in his heart for helping this lady. Thank you also to the Lord for putting you all there to help her. I hope you all have a wonderful conference.

    Love you all,


  4. Prayers for a wonderful conference in St. Louis. Prayers too for safe travels for all on the road.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  5. Hello Maxwell Family!
    We had a wonderful time at your St.Louis conference. The whole house was buzzing with chatter about all the wonderful blessings received and each one had a sweet experience of their own to share. Debra and I were pleased to finally meet you and Terri. We gleaned so much from the classes you offered while in our area and have seldom met parents so devoted to family. The boys were filled with great ideas and sound biblical advice from John, Joseph and Jessie, as well as encouraged to see other young men in service to the Lord. The girls were blessed by meeting Sara, Anna and Mary and thoroughly enjoyed their edifying conversation. Their teachings were uplifting and the pure modest example of godly womanhood they exude is a treasure to be sure!

    Thank you Maxwell family for your example of the Lord’s true love for His people. We look forward to the next time the Savior has our paths cross.


    Tom, Debra, Kaitlyn, Jessica, Amariah, Tom Jr., Josiah, Deborah, Rebekah, Esther, Jedidiah, Lailee, Emma, Isaiah, Hannah, Janai, Tabitha, Helens and Goldie. Olivia our grandaughter too!!
    Our family was greatly blessed to be a part of such an encouraging group of families. We definitely were encouraged your family Brother.
    God bless,

  6. The Lord put you in the right place at the right time! I bet you were a blessing to that young lady! Praise the Lord!


  7. I read your blog occasionally and haven’t ever commented before but I thought your family helping this woman was worthy of a comment. What a great thing you guys did for this lady. I am sure she was grateful for your help. Very neat!

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