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We are making the decision tonight whether to change the binding on the Chores book. Currently, it is plastic coil bound, but we are considering binding it like the other books such as Hearts, Meek and Quiet Spirit, and Preparing Sons. The advantage of the plastic coil is it lies flat very easily when being read, the disadvantage is when we process the books the coil is a significant hindrance to us and without the coil it is much easier to package in boxes.

Thoughts? Is the plastic coil something you have found you really, really appreciate?

Thank you.

In Christ Jesus,


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  1. I like that the coil allows it to lay down flat when working through a page, but in no way would it affect my decision to buy the book. Personally, I actually like the look of a bound book much better.

  2. I like the plastic binding on this and the other Manager books because of the size of the book. It makes it easier for me to read when I can fold over one side. It also makes it easier for me to work on sections of it without losing my place by having the book shut on me.
    I hope this helps. I have benefited greatly from your books over the years.

  3. I was about to say that I really like the coil binding. But after I finished reading I realised that I could live without it as I can see it would make life easier and actually it would then fit in my bookcase easier too!

  4. I think the normal binding would definitely be better. The spiral is kind of a annoying sometimes…just my 2¢;)

  5. I love the coil. I enjoy being able to take notes and lay books flat. Though I understand the hinderance in packaging. I would say that a normal bounded book is fine. The book can always be taken to Kinkos and you can have them take the binding off and put on a coil for under $5.

  6. I have both your Chores book and the Home book. Although it is true that you can lay the book flat, it can be annoying when the spiral binding “spirals” enough to come out of a hole (this has happened with other books but never with yours). I think the spiral binding is good for material that the book must be laid flat for while you work (such as a math textbook) however, I can easily take notes, and work on my chore plan, referencing your book without having it be spiral bound. Hope this helps and thank you for your wonderful books, blog, and love for Christ and others!

  7. I like the coil binding for all the reasons others have stated. It helps to have it lay open flat when I am taking notes and organizing. It is also nice to be able to fold it back and have it set flat with one side up. Since this is an interactive book, I think it’s important to have it be as user friendly as possible. Although it makes it easier on the user, I understand it makes it harder on you guys. I would still purchase the book with regular book binding but I would have it cut and spiral bound.

  8. I too could live with either – just so thankful for all that is held within its pages. I must say if I had to choose though I would certainly be glad for the coil bound as I have found it to be a lay flat reference book more than a pick up and read book.
    Thank you for all you do!

  9. I think the coil is very practical since this is a work book (at least for me) and I read it every year. It is extremely helpful to open the book and work on the schedules w/out having the book close on you. God bless you as your books have been a huge blessing to our family!!!

  10. I do like the coil binding… I just keep it on a shelf with other coil-bound books, pocket folders, and binders. It really allows you to work with the book. If it had a regular binding, I know I’d have a harder time using it, and might not use it as much as I do, as a result.

  11. I would definitely stick with the plastic comb if that is an option. I have all three books that are plastic comb and it allows me great flexibility in reading them as I have pockets of time, and makes it easier to have them lay flat open while working through things in them.

  12. My family has been abundantly blessed by all your books and I have to say that it was an extra treat for me as a mom of little ones when I received Managers of Chores, Homes and School with the coil binding! I loved turning the pages and studying sections with this type of binding. I will say if you do choose to change the binding, the books speak for themselves and they will still be purchased….especially by me! If you need to change them I say go ahead any future books like this I’ll always take to the store to coil for an extra $5…

    God Bless Maxwells!

  13. I have your MOTH book and the homeschooling book and I appreciate that both of them have the plastic coil. If it makes it easier to package on your end then I say do whatever is easiest for you 🙂

  14. Dear Maxwells,
    I have enjoyed the coil binding making it easier to work with, but the bottom line here is that I do not think that the outside binding will affect what is on the inside. It is still an excellent book that will continue to minister to others; therefore, I do not think the binding will prevent others from purchasing. I believe that with prayer and with your decision as to what is best for your family will be the best decision. By the way, I loved the quote from scripture- how is it that I have missed that one over the years?

  15. I love the coil but would not consider this a reason not to buy a book. It is just easier for me at this point because I don’t have to use my hands to hold the book. My hands go numb when I hold a book upright; however, it hasn’t stopped me from reading yet 🙂 Thank you for asking. I appreciate your consideration of your readers!

  16. I prefer the coil binding, but I understand completely the difficulty for you. I would purchase a third option if you had it available, though: I wouldn’t mind the pages (perhaps shrink wrapped?) that were three-hole-punched. Then I could put them in my own binder and they would lay flat.

  17. i love the current binding and have been known to take books to an office store to rebind with coil for easier use. Staying open when referencing is nice!

  18. I really like the coil binding for the same reasons the others liked it. It is much easier to lay out flat or to turn the cover over all the way back without bending the cover.
    Hope that helps!

  19. I really like the coil binding. As a frequently referenced book at certain times in the year, I often leave it open to whatever area I am referencing. It’s a little different than the other books that don’t get referenced as often. I would still purchase it if it was not coil bound, but I do like the coil.

  20. Go with the perfect binding. The few pages in the appendices can be copied just fine w/ a perfect binding. The spiral binding causes it to tip awkwardly on the shelf. The pages have to be maintain that slowly slip from the top coil, also. That’s just this Momma’s opinion. I am thankful many days of my life because of your obedience to the Lord. I am thankful always to Him for your service and pray often for you and your family. May He be glorified through the works of your hands.

  21. I have always loved the coil binding on all of your books. Because they lay flat, they invite me to make the book into a workbook and use it.

    Perhaps you could offer both bindings for a season and charge a little more for the spiral binding? That way, you would really find out if this were an important preference.

  22. I like the coil as well as having a normal binding. With much prayer and thought to your question I would give the parent the option between the binding or the coil.

  23. I have to say I like the coil because it make the book lay flat for ease of use. But, I do understand your challenges. If you changed the binding it wouldn’t hinder me from buying the book:-)

  24. I prefer the coil on your books and am grateful I have them in their coil bound-forms. There are pros and cons to both binding options for both the seller and the buyer; you mentioned some of them. I happen to be one of the folks who make numerous notes in the margins and return to the books repeatedly, therefore the coil-bound binding has proven to be an asset to me. Soft-bound bindings have “broken” on me before, separating at the page joints, when I’ve used them repeatedly. But, individual “teeth” have broken on coil bindings, as well (not yours, so far), but it didn’t impact the entire binding. While storing issues with coil may present problems for some, it hasn’t presented any for me. Many curriculum publishers are switching to soft or hard-bound bindings, and I assume it is more cost effective. But as the consumer, if the material is valuable, it is worth having regardless of the binding; however, if I am placed in the position to make a choice between two valuable books and I can only afford one, I will choose the one that is also most accommodating to my “use” needs.

  25. I love the coil binding. It has been so helpful to have the books lay flat on the table without my having to use something to prop them open. I also like how I can fold one side back and under the book, so only half the book is showing at a time. When I’m short on space, that is helpful. Folding back is also nice for when I’m sitting in a chair reading the books, as it fits better than having the book open completely.

  26. We own all 3 of your coil bound manuals. After the initial read these books do get a work out as a reference & are used often for it. So all in all a pro-coil is our opinion from a user’s point of view.

  27. I sympathize with the added burden of packaging the coil bound books but I must say the coil binding is so end user friendly that I would miss it if it were gone.

    Thank you for valuing our input no matter what your final decision is.

    Blessing to you!


  28. I like the coil binding! I enjoy being able to open the book to a page for reference and lay it flat on my lap or a table (without proping) when I am working on my schedule. I find that cookbooks, teacher’s manuals, and reference books are frustrating to use when they have a standard binding.

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