Sweet Journey is Available!

We are so very excited to announce that Teri’s new book, Sweet Journey, is now available. It has been a whole-family investment in bringing this labor of love to completion. We have seen the Lord overcome many obstacles to it finally becoming available.

Why am I writing this announcement? Because I believe deeply in my heart that it will help countless moms. It isn’t a self-help book, but it is a book that points moms to the source of power and grace–Jesus Christ and His Word. I’ve seen how the Lord used His Word in Teri’s life for years as she battled depression and anger while facing each new day with active little ones. I have seen God’s power at work in a life that was struggling and challenged. Instead of using anti-depressants, she relied upon a risen Savior Who is alive, well, and able to restore, empower, and heal.

We receive so many e-mails from struggling moms. We have seen God work in those who were willing to make an effort to “draw nigh” to their Lord as Teri encouraged them in the Word step by step. Frankly, it makes me cry when I read an e-mail back from a mom who earlier was in the depths of despair and now is well along in a Sweet Journey with her Lord. This material is proven.

There are other moms who aren’t in the depths of despair, but they don’t know what they are missing. They are going through life as a Christian while lacking power and peace. Sweet Journey will greatly benefit them as well because it will guide them in establishing the foundations that are missing in their Christian walk.

There are moms who want to disciple their daughters and don’t know where to begin. This will be a powerful tool in their hands for that.

Also, ladies groups are often going through studies. This Bible study is practical and well-suited for group settings as well. I know there are plenty of other Bible studies out there, so why is Sweet Journey unique? I feel it is because God has first worked a beautiful work in Teri’s life. She has walked down some very deep and dark valleys and tasted of the power of the Savior in her life. She isn’t sharing a quick fix, but a steady, sure, and sweet path with her sisters.

That is why I’m rejoicing!!

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.” James 4:8


Sweet Journey

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  1. *screams* I am so excited to see this!!

    I am one of those mom’s whom has battled depression and anxiety and has spent more than my share of time on my knees crying and wondering how I was going to get through. I am just now learning to manage my stress and anger, so with the Lord’s help, I hope to be able to get off the antidepressant for good. The Lord is so good…and on time…all the time! I have always claimed Isaiah 40:29-31, but in dealing with these issues, I find myself not just claiming it but clinging to it.

    I so look forward to reading Teri’s book, and I cannot wait to see her personally to hug and thank her.

    Love you all, Sweet Ones.


  2. Congratulations to you all – Teri and family!! I imagine it is no small thing to complete a book, publish it & have it ready to distribute. Wow, thank you so much! I look forwards to gleaning on my own sweet journey from your new book! I have always found such encouragement and fruitfulness by reading and studying books written by older women who have gone on the journey ahead of me and continue to grow closer to the LORD and what He would have me to do. Look forwards to it being available ‘Down Under’ soon – BTW, we are all still praying too!!

  3. So excited. Thank you for this labour of love, Teri. May God take this book far beyond the borders. Bless you, Kristen

  4. SO excited! My copy is on the way! I have enjoyed every book that I have purchased from you all. I need this kind of book right now.

    Red Oak, Texas

  5. Wonderful! Sounds inspiring and encouraging!! Can’t wait to read it! Glad you got it complete before your trip!-smile Like the cover!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

    Lord willing, see you in a week!
    We are looking forward to seeing you all.

  6. I *needed* to re-read for the third time Homeschooling With A Meek and Quiet Spirit, but I couldn’t find my copy anywhere, so I re-ordered it! I always am encouraged and refreshed after reading it. I am growing slowly in this area with setbacks now and again, but I press on. The children are enjoying Sarah’s series and now I look forward to ordering your new book.

  7. Hey Sarah. My name is Blaire. I am 9 years old. I love your Moody books I have read allot of them I am on my 6th one now. I hope you keep writing. After I read the 5th Moody book It inspired me to start writing.The title of the book is summer with the F Family. And I am doing allot of stuff like yours I hope thats ok with you. I just could not think of anything so I thought it would be ok. Please keep writing your books because I enjoy them so much!!!
    Love, Blaire.
    Hi Blaire,
    Sarah has the next one going to the proof reader the end of this week. Hope your writing goes well. (Sarah will read your comment).
    Mr. Maxwell

  8. I am in such need of Teri’s new book. Steve, your introduction to Teri’s new book has me in tears (good tears). I am one of those women of whom you speak, “depths of despair, but they don’t know what they are missing. They are going through life as a Christian, while lacking power and peace.” While I don’t struggle with being a mother, I do struggle with caregiving my mother andmy husband with cancer, and it seems the closer I try to get to God and lean on him, the further I fall into despair. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am in such need of Teri’s new book.

    You and your family are such an inspiration.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  9. I too am in “depths of despair” seriously struggling as a step-mother to 3 grown men in their 20s, 2 of whom have never worked, frustrated as I watch my husband confuse supporting with parenting. My marriage is hanging on by a thread and I am filled with anger, despair and hopelessness. I ordered Teri’s book on Saturday – I can’t wait to get it. I have just spent the past couple of hours reading nearly everyone of your Dad/Mom corners, and have written down bible verses that you have shared to take comfort in.

    Thank you so very much for this website.

  10. I just wish I could give Linda (above) a big hug. From one mama to another, she needs support and love. I pray Teri’s book is exactly what she needs to make some changes in how she feels in her home situation.

  11. Very much looking forward to experiencing this book! Thank you so much, in advance! The cover is beautiful, by the way.

  12. I am one of those moms in despair. I can’t wait to read the book. Thank you so much for all your work. Everything is a tremendous blessing to us. Maria S.

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