Thursday’s Hike

We inadvertently found the trailhead to go to St. Elmo Wednesday when we picnicked. So, Thursday, it was decided we would all start from St. Elmo, and those who wanted to hike to the other side could, and the rest would hike to a certain point and turn around. The little girls could pet the chipmunks again (a blog post on that later), and then Dad would back-track to St. Elmo and drive the van to the other side to pick up the hikers.

It was a steep, long climb out of St. Elmo, and the guys who packed Abby and Bethany got the hardest workout. But, it was beautiful as we hiked in the midst of the tall aspen and fir trees. As we went further, a stream flowed near us, and the sound of that mountain stream was so refreshing. This was our last real day of hiking, because Friday we took it easy.

This picture was actually taken on a phone of Abby and me. The rest had already moved on, and I stayed with Nathan, Melanie, and the girls.

I sent my camera along with the group who hiked to the other side.

The pictures Joseph took that afternoon of the girls with the chipmunks will be for another post.

The end of the story? Those of us who went back to St. Elmo had a restful time, and then we drove around to pick up the others. By this time, the usual afternoon thunderstorm had descended, and although we were making progress to get to them, we knew our hikers would be okay since they had brought rain gear and would not be in the open areas. Come to find out, the hikers had continued after reaching the end of the trail and walked an additional 7 miles, for a total of 13. Wow! Several even made it back to the cabin without a ride.

PS – We still have a chipmunk post coming and a final, wrap-up Friday to finish out Colorado.

“Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”
–Psalms 124:8

12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hike”

  1. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos! We’re going to Rocky Mountain National Park in a few weeks and maybe we will look for this hike–looks great! I’m thankful that you were able to have a nice trip.

  2. Thanks for sharing about your adventures and encouraging us in greater lengths on physical and mental endurance! Way to Go Guys!!!

  3. Good pictures. The black and white one is neat! Looking forward to the other posts! Enjoy your time at home! God bless! Rebecca K.

    Hard to believe! Lord willing, see you
    in two weeks!

  4. That’s a long hike! How long do you all walk each day to prepare for such?My daughter and I have decided to walk 30 minutes each day as her P.E. For home school.
    Red Oak, Texas
    Most of the family did not do a lot of walking to prepare: instead they ran and did other strenuous physical exercise. Two members of the family walked extended lengths, but otherwise, the rest did misc physical exercise. Walking 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace is great.

  5. Amy, don’t look for these hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park! It is at least 50 miles (maybe further) north. But RMNP will be incredibly beautiful while you are there, with gold Aspen leaves, green evergreens snd white snow.

  6. Thank you for sharing more pictures with us. How wonderful that the ones hiking were able to walk such a distance! Those photos of various family members with the mountains in the background are great—God’s creations are so awesome! 🙂

  7. Beautiful hike. Looking at all your pictures is making me hope we can get up to Crystal Mountain this Labor Day weekend and take the dogs for a good peaceful walk in the beautiful area.

    I love the socks/tights Abby is wearing! Both girls are adorable.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  8. I noticed someone handing Bethany a “Kleen Canteen”. We found that the outside of the bottle became uncomfortably cold, so we used a zippered bottle insulator that was made out if wetsuit material to keep Kerith’s hands comfortable. We zipped it up as far as it would go and folded the neck down.
    We have enjoyed all the posts of your trip!
    God Bless,
    Kim C.
    Good idea thanks,

  9. I have been following the blog now long enough to know you all love hiking and look for places to do so when you take your trips. Once again you have inspired me. I have checked around my area of Texas and have found several State Parks that have trails from .5 to 10+ miles. I will be starting with the baby trail this week. I am so excited.
    Thank you for all of the ways you inspire me.
    Red Oak, Texas

  10. I’m so excited about the inspiration that I have received from you all to hike. Today was my second trail at a near by State Park and it was wonderful. Although we haven’t had rain in months here in
    Texas and everything is dead it’s still God’s creation and worth exploring.
    Thanks again

    Johnna B

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